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José Rafael Cordero Sánchez
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Born (1990-12-14) December 14, 1990 (age 24)
Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Occupation Model,entrepreneur
Years active 2010-Present

José Rafael Cordero Sanchez (Barquisimeto, December 14 of 1990) known simply as José Rafael Cordero Sanchez is a entrepreneur and model Venezolano.


José Rafael Cordero Sánchez is the youngest son of Marina Sanchez and Jose Cordero, has a sister called Deglis Lamb, currently was on the cover of the magazine Men's Health and continue with more projects.

Personal life Edit

After the school focuses on a course in Business Administrative Assistant in the Inces. Where a year later graduates and prepares to start his first job at age 19.

And with work, thinks it's important to start pursuing higher education, and that's what I did and decided to choose the career of System Analysis at the University Lisandro Alvarado - Dean of Science and Technology | UCLA, in his hometown.

Even with a future undecided, 17 months after Joseph was out of contract and become unemployed, but in a few weeks decide to stop their studies temporarily being completely without doing anything. But fate had something prepared.

And in a few months had the opportunity to meet business people who took him Encroach the corporate business world, starting with a new course of life.

Career Edit

Today currently José Rafael Cordero Sánchez is part of one of the AMWAY business equipment that in addition to selling, you have the option of becoming a leader and inspire others to be the masters of their own AMWAY, like the.

In this way not only works closely with your sponsor that precisely what this opportunity to invite you to live it full of satisfaction and is willing to work harder to achieve their goal, expanding their opportunities for growth and development.

On the other part of his life, José Rafael Cordero Sánchez has had other projects in mind that led directly to another profecion, which is entering the world of fashion. It is a career which one you like, did not have enough knowledge profile and the confidence to act and pose in front of a camera.

A had the pleasure of meeting designers and photographers where we have proposed an audition and attend photo shoots, since you prefer being a photo model and gateway, having a physical ups and downs with being thin and that has always been their biggest concern.

Coming for the month of March this year 2013, José Rafael Cordero Sánchez is resuming his studies, because even feel you have the urge to finally graduate to finish and System Analyst.


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