Jorge Cano is a young baroque opera singer native of Bogotá, who initiated his studies at the National University of Colombia. He also undertook singing training under the direction of the American Soprano Cheryl Boyd Waddell and the Bulgarian teacher Danaila Hristova at the music department of the Juan N. Corpas Universitarian Foundation, where he studied music with the prominent teacher Jorge Zorro. During the lV festival of music in Colombia in the year 2000 he interpreted the aria "Queen of the Night" of the opera The Magic Flute by Mozart, having the direction and guidance of Cheryl Boyd Waddell. Jorge Cano is an exceptional singer, in view of the fact that his natural condition brings into being the perfect case of an endocrinological castrato so called (natural castrati) equivalent to an old castrato. Due to an endocrinal factor his natural register is Soprano allowing him to execute the necessary tones and making evident his innate coloratura. His repertoire therefore has baroque arias and includes those written for the female soprano voice. Dr. Cheryl Boyd Waddell Director of vocal activities of Clayton College and State University Morrow, GA, referring to Jorge Cano indicates that his voice is totally different from the contemporaneous countertenors and male sopranos, considering that Jorge's larynx is similar to that of a twelve year-old youth. In the 1980s the very first case of a natural castrato was known; it was Paulo Abel do Nascimento in Brazil whose voice was special. At the present time in the world, Radu Marian, Jorge Cano are the only singers who own this natural gift classifying them as natural castratos.

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