Jordan Paul Greenhough (born 1988) is a British actor and formal provincial footballer.


Early career

Greenhough was born and raised in Leicester until his family moved to Yorkshire when Jordan was eight years old, Greenhough has German, Israeli and Welsh ancestry. Greenhough started his career with minor roles in television and theatre.

He appeared as an air cadet in an episode of Last of the Summer Wine before going on to work with the Waring Green Players, where he met Jack W. Carter, who would go on to be cast alongside him in a number of stage plays and films. After this, Greenhough was cast as a crime scene investigator in the television series Andrew's Body, and also had smaller roles in Hillgate and the short lived sci-fi series Neglected from John Junior Steemson.

Further to his television appearances, Greenhough was also seen in an array of short and independent low budgeted films, most of which were distributed via video sharing sites.

Further career

Greenhough went on to work alongside Augustus Prew, appearing in Adam Curtis' acclaimed stage production It Felt Like a Kiss, (which received overwhelming praise as well as the Special Entertainment Award from the Manchester Evening News)[1] Greenhough took acting classes with the DNA Performance Resource. He was then cast as Meat in Mortifera and Marcus in Marcus & Troy from his previous colleague John Junior Steemson.[2]

In early 2010 he studied at the Tonicha Lawrence Academy, and remains represented by their agency wing.[3] He was cast as Matt McCough in I Shouldn't Be Alive a show that reenacts survival stories. He was then cast as Alex in the horror film Sparrow[4][5][6] and later that year went on to be seen in the independent short Fish Food from production company A Tiny Adventure.[7][8]

As of August 2010, Greenhough's drama film The Shoot is available online. Shot in 2007, the film also stars Robert Temple and Sarah Zebrzuski.[9] Greenhough went on to crew work, and after working on the set of gangster film Rough and Ready 1,[10] Greenhough was offered the role of Lee in its sequel Rough and Ready 2, which is set to be released later next year.[11]


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