JoomlaShine provides templates and extensions for Joomla CMS. Started from 2005, at the moment, they have 4 templates and 2 extensions which were used by Joomla users in all over the world.


JoomlaShine pays attention to the simplicity to help newbie use Joomla easily.[1] Therefore, if users do not know about programming, they can still use the products.

JoomlaShine's Products

All products are under GNU/GPL v2[2]

Joomla Templates [3]

All templates support both Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5. In general, JSN templates have the same features because they are built based on JoomlaShine Framework.


Layout includes 36 module positions, which allows users to have multiple layout configurations. It comes with 6 major color variations; each color variation covers not only the main background but also the color of the drop-down menu, links, table headers and more. Moreover, JSN Framework provides a wide range of outstanding features, some of which are available only in JSN template.

Mobile support
All templates works well on modern mobile devices such as iPhone, Android and Windows mobile-based. They are all lightweight to run fast on modern mobile devices.

JSN Epic[4]

JSN Epic is suitable for corporation websites since it has a clean and elegant design.

JSN Dome [5]

JSN Dome is a colorful Joomla template that allows users to build personal websites.

JSN Tendo [6]

JSN Tendo is an artistic Joomla template which let users create a photo gallery website.

JSN Teki [7]

JSN Teki is a hi–technology Joomla template designed for gadgets fan lovers.

Joomla Extensions

JSN ImageShow

JSN ImageShow helps display Joomla! image slideshows lively and truthfully. It can be placed on every website, in whatever size and filled with whatever content. JSN ImageShow supports both Joomla 1.5 and 2.5.


  • Multiple image source

Users can upload images by connecting JSN ImageShow to their current image source like Flick or Picasa and start showing images.

  • Unlimited content

Users can show most image formats in any order they want. The main image formats that JSN ImageShow supports are JPG, PNG and GIF

  • Image animation

JSN ImageShow has powerful animation mechanism combining image motion and zooming and amazing 3D image transition effects.

  • Multiple themes

JSN ImageShow supports Joomla site to use different themes in the gallery for best photo presentation.

    • Theme Classic — By default, JSN ImageShow comes with the Theme Classic allowing users to build terrific galleries by tweaking 70+ parameters.
    • Theme Slider — is a newly-added feature in JSN ImageShow v4. It is non-flash based theme uses purely the jQuery Library. With 30+ simple and effective transition parameters]]), it allows users to create stunning photo galleries which run well on computers and mobile devices
  • Caption

Users can add any caption and title on their imageshow.

  • Multiple presentation

Users can create multiple galleries with different topics on a single page.

  • Mobile support

JSN ImageShow also supports mobile devices. When using it for mobile devices, it does not need to configure any parameters in back-end to let JSN ImageShow works on them.

JSN PowerAdmin [8]

Joomla users might get troubles to do simple things with Joomla such as changing module positions, finding menu or re-writing articles, etc. JSN PowerAdmin is developed to help Joomla users overcome those troubles. With this free extension, users will manage Joomla sites easily. JSN PowerAdmin supports Joomla 2.5.

1. AdminBar
AdminBar allows users to perform common actions quickly: Search items, check actions history, manager users and manage site.

  • Spotlight search: Search any items in website quickly.
  • History: All items users have edited recently are displayed here.
  • User: User related pages are displayed here. Remarkably, the Countdown Timer and the Person icon indicate remaining time in user’s session in numbers and battery-like.

2. Site search
It helps you search a specific item in a separate section easily.
3. Site Manager
It helps manage elements of your website in one place. All components, menu and modules can be edited visually: Click to edit items, drag and drop to change the position of all menus. Everything users make changes with JSN PowerAdmin will be automatically adjusted.



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