John Pierrakos was a psychiatrist, the husband of psychic channel Eva Pierrakos and the founder of a system of bodywork called Core Energetics. Pierrakos was born in a small town, Neon Oitylon, in Greece.

Early Life

John Pierrakos was born in a small town, Neon Oitylon, in Greece. In 1939, as World War II loomed on the horizon, he left Greece for the United States. He settled in New York and attended Columbia University eventually earning an M.D. with a specialization in psychiatry. He eventually earned a Ph.D. in psychiatry.

Family Life

John Pierrakos was married twice and had two daughters. He later married Eva Broch.


John Pierrakos started his career as a psychiatrist at a New York hospital. Later he resigned and began a private practice in Greenwich Village where he was eventually joined by Alexander Lowen. Later John Pierrakos and Alexander Lowen developed what came to be known as Bioenergetics.

At a later stage in his career he met Eva Broch, and developed Core Energetics.

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