John Calhoun is an Apple Macintosh software developer. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he developed a series of shareware games (Glider, Glypha, etc.) for the Macintosh and Windows, under the name Soft Dorothy Software. [1] He initially published his own games, but later published through Casady & Greene.

His most famous creations are the Glider series: Glider, Glider 2.0, Glider 3.1.2, Glider 4.0, and Glider PRO. In addition, he created the shareware games Glypha III, Stella Obscura, MacTuberling, and commercial games Pararena and Spaceway 2000 (co-written with Jeff Robbin), and an Apple Newton game, Silicon Casino.[citation needed]

After the bankruptcy of Casady & Greene in 2003, Calhoun released Glider PRO as freeware on his personal website. [2]

Calhoun has since joined Apple Macintosh's programming team. Calhoun cited poor financial returns on games outside the Glider series as his primary reason for leaving the game development field. [3]


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