In 1998, NBC was acquired by MediaQuest Holdings, Inc., a broadcasting company owned by the PLDT's Beneficial Trust Fund. With the new ownership, DWFM's format would be changed in 1998 to become a smooth jazz station, Joey @ Rhythms 92.3 (later shortened in 2005 to 923 Joey). As with the previous MRS format, the jazz format would also be implemented on all of NBN's other FM stations, who used other female names for their branding. DWFM's call letters were also changed to DZRU-FM for the period.

In January 2007, DWFM received new management, led by radio executives Raymund Miranda and Al Torres, along with sales executive Amy Victa. After nine years as Joey, DZRU was re-launched on April 8, 2007—returning the DWFM call letters, and dropping the smooth jazz format.

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