The Jodi Arias trial is a criminal trial documenting aspiring Arizona photographer Jodi Arias charged in the shooting and stabbing death of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. On June 4, 2008, Alexander's friends discovered his dead body in a shower of his home. "He had been shot in the face, his throat was slit from ear to ea[r], and he'd been stabbed 27 times." Arias changed her alibi three times, originally telling police that she had not been in the home at the time of Alexander's death. She later told police that two people had broken into Alexander's home, and that they murdered him and attacked her. Finally, she stated that she killed Alexander in self-defense.[1][2] The trial began on Janurary 2, 2013,[1] and has been compared to the Casey Anthony case for the perceived similarities between Anthony and Arias, and the emotions the cases incite in the general public.[3]


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