Jobie Hughes (born July 9, 1980) is a former ghost writer for the Lorien Legacies series.[1]

He attended Black River High School and later attended Ohio University, where he graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems. Hughes would later attend Columbia University's School of the Arts while in his late twenties, graduating with a MFA degree in Creative Writing.[2]

On November 12, 2010 it was reported by news sources that Hughes would no longer be ghosting the Lorien Legacies series after The Power of Six, citing a dispute over the direction the series was going in.[3] There was also rumored discontent over the initial contract with Full Fathom Five, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that Hughes had renegotiated his initial contract,[4] which had required strict confidentiality over his identity as one the series' ghost writers and would penalize Hughes if he violated those terms.[3] Hughes had completed work on The Power of Six and had reportedly been working on a draft for a third book in the series, with Hughes' draft copy being thrown out and any further work for the series being said to be completed by Greg Boose, another ghost writer.[5]


Literary novel

  • At Dawn (October 16, 2012)[6][7]

The Lorien Legacies series

  1. I Am Number Four (August 3, 2010) (HarperCollins)
  2. The Power of Six (August 23, 2011) (HarperCollins)


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