Joanne Baron is an actress and Meisner Method acting coach.[1] She was raised in Providence, Rhode Island and attended Classical and Pawtucket High Schools.[2] She received early acceptance to the University of Connecticut, then pursued Broadway opportunities and sang in Reno Sweeny’s with Cissy Houston, Whitney Houston’s mother.[citation needed]

Actress, Producer

Joanne Baron’s film acting credits include Valley Girl, National Lampoon's Joy of Sex, Real Genius, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, Drag Me to Hell, Spider-Man 2, The Prince and Me, Allie & Me, Universal Soldier, Someone to Watch Over Me. Television appearances include roles on the Emmy award winning television show Mad Men, Law & Order, The Shield, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the ABC series Lovers and Other Strangers.[3] She acted as executive producer for the TV movie Profoundly Normal starring Kirstie Alley and as producer on the films Perfume, Brooklyn Babylon, and Allie & Me, for which she won Best Actress at the River Run Film Festival.[citation needed] Joanne also has extensive stage credits including There Once Was a Girl from Pawtucket staged in Los Angeles and which received two Dramalogue Awards in 1997.[4]

Meisner Technique Master Teacher

Joanne Baron is known for her dedication to the work of Sanford Meisner and is a teacher of the Meisner Technique.[5] She trained with Neighborhood Playhouse alum and master Meisner teacher, William Esper, who founded the MFA and BFA Professional Actor Training Programs at Rutgers University.[citation needed] Her past students include Halle Berry, Robin Wright,[6] Mariska Hargetay, Patrick Dempsey, Leslie Mann,[7] and directors Martha Coolidge and Tom Shadyac.

Joanne Baron / D.W. Brown Acting Studio

For over 20 years, Joanne Baron has been co-owner and artistic director of the Joanne Baron / DW Brown Studio in Santa Monica CA (an off-shoot of The William Esper Studio in New York) with her husband, acting coach and director, D.W.Brown.[8]


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