Early Life

Jo-Anne Rose McBratney was born in Stevenage and was moved to Shefford in 2012 when she turned 8. Jo-Anne Rose's nickname was Jojo, Tigger and Jay-Jay. Also Jo-Anne was creative girl for now she's still 8 she is happy for whatever she is doing. She started writing books in 2006 when she was 2. And started singing in 2009. If she was good at art she would be a complete celebrity.

                               Family life

Her mum had 3 different jobs and her father had 1 Jo-Anne and Shannon McBratney had to have a babysitter called Jenny Kaci Leighs nanny. Her grandparents where very nice to her and had lots of children which are her aunties, uncle and dad.


Jo-Anne had lots of dreams and fears of spiders. Her first dream was in her mums tummy she wondered what it would be like to fly. and the last dream since 2012 January was about zebras.

                                  Bye next wiki is about Steve Cele.
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