Jireh Tamamatu Toleafoa

'Kome Orton Tamamatu Toleafoa

DOB: 15 September 1998
POB: Middlemore hospital, Auckland, New Zealand 

CULTURE: Samoan all dae every dae RELIGION: Christian yes yes yes CHURCH: AOG Papatoetoe Ketesemane Apostle: Rev. Mesako Sanerivi- Rev. Talosaga Kome Minister: Rev. Fereti Toleafoa SCHOOLS: Southern Cross Campus, Kedgley Intermediate, Aorere College School Principals: Mr. Robin Staples, Mr. Paul Murphy, Mr. Pat Drumm

Most respected person: Mr. Lenville Morgan Rust
Most inspired person: Randy Orton- wwe, Robbie Fruean- rugby union 

Best moments in life: Intermediate year 8 & Every moments spent with church peeps PARENTS: Rev. Fereti & Rebekah Toleafoa GRANDPARENTS: Late Rev. Mesako Sanerivi & Vasa Sanerivi, Ipu & Itulua Toleafoa

Tamamatu Brothers: Paulo Siu, Sefo Siu, Lui Siu, Kilisi Pelema'a, Steve Siu, Koki Apolinalio, Israel Toleafoa, Daniel Apolinalio and myself Also the most electrifying man in School & Church History
Iesuwoop means the blood that Jesus our saviour which who shed for us..........

Luv is always for My Church peeps in AOG papatoetoe Ketesemane, Kedgley Intermediate & Aorere College friends & teachers, especially to my Grandpa who's watching me from heaven and my Grandma and the one and only one the person who brought us to this magnificent world and that's our Heavenly Father.... Amen.......

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