Jims Young Boys are a world reknown 6 a side football squad. They are seen as the global pioneers in innovative attacking play mixed with defensive security and solidarity. They have a small squad filled with immense quality and James Spooner. The club captain is Jim 'White Joseph Kony' Beestone and the captain during matches is Rob 'Mexican Midget' Burns. They are currently playing in the Tamworth league and are expected by many to win the league by using their free flowing football which spreads the play like sweet sweet nutella. The comparisons between this group and the Ajax sides of the 1970's are easy to agree with. With the perfect squad put together by coach Joel Fraser and the freedom and fluidity of their movement, many consider them sporting gods.

The Current Squad consists of: B.Arnold J.Barrand J.Beestone C.Beestone T.Bird R.Burns J.Nicholls S.Skrakowski J.Spooner

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