"Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend" is the 14th episode of the second season of the Fox sitcom Raising Hope. Written by Bobby Newman and directed by Rebbeca Asher, her second directing credit for the series after Gambling Again.

In this episode, Jimmy hired a stage actor (Ashley Tisdale) to pretend to be his girlfriend to make Sabrina jealous.

"Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend" received positive reviews from the critics and the fans.


After one year and a half, Jimmy still can't win Sabrina's heart and becomes depressed when he finds out that she and Wyatt are planning to move in together. Virginia decided to make up a plan. Virginia calls up Sabrina and lies to her that Jimmy had a girlfriend and they were very happy together, under the ruse that she was looking for him. Her plan is a success as Sabrina is snippy about Jimmy having a girlfriend. Jimmy then gets in trouble when Frank offers to take his Monday shift, freeing him and his fake girlfriend to go on a double date with Sabrina and Wyatt.

Jimmy explains to Frank and Barney that "the girlfriend thing" is just a lie. And when Jimmy, Virginia and Burt don't know choose who to be Jimmy's fake girlfriend, Barney runs to their house and says he found the solution to his problem. He leads them to a improv group and suggests Mary-Louise, who Barney says was in the Broadway play - the street, would be "the perfect fake girlfriend". After a few hilarious moments between the Chance family and Mary-Louise, the fake couple (Jimmy and Mary-Louise) and the real couple (Sabrina and Wyatt) come to a Mexican restaurant for the double date. Throughout the date, Wyatt is only paying attention to "men on ice playing with sticks" on the TV, while texting on the phone. On the other hand, with help from Mary-Louise's friends from the improv group, Jimmy impresses Sabrina.

Next morning, Sabrina comes to Jimmy's house to give him the picture of their couples and says that she and Wyatt broke up last night. But she still thinks that Jimmy and Mary-Louise's relationship is real. After Virginia slapped him and Burt gave him an advance, Jimmy decided to call Sabrina and tell her that his girlfriend was busy for Valentines Day. Jimmy and Sabrina comes to Room to Improv'ment where Mary-Louise and her group work. They perform a play which Jimmy wrote a few hours ago. The play is a mix of narrative and confession of Jimmy to Sabrina. Also, it shows the moments the first time they met and in Halloween night though the song You Light Up My Life by Virginia and Burt.

In the end, Jimmy confesses his feeling to Sabrina and says he loves her. After a brief silent moment, Sabrina runs away. Jimmy runs after her and when he looks for her, Sabrina appears, says "I hate kissing in public" and they kiss. And the episode ends with everyone finishing the song "You Light Up My Life".


Phil Dyess-Nugent of A.V Club gave the episode an "A" and stated that this is his favorite episode on the show.

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