Jim (James) Joseph Krochka (born November 16, 1956) is a United States singer-songwriter.

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Krochka began writing songs at age 55 having discovered a passion for doing so. He enjoys listening to a variety of music from classical to hard rock. Those influences have led him to create music having those influences. Some of his songs have beautiful violin and piano while others are rock. He even wrote a song about a rapping cat named LT and there is now a cartoon music video of the song. Other songs are about his love for his wife and daughter as well as songs about important current topics such as “Inside The Banker’s Brain” and “Where Have The Leaders Gone?”. Krochka has completed one CD entitled “Inside The Brain” and is currently working on his second CD entitled “Dream”. Go to to hear Krochka’s music.

Early Years

Krochka was born in Sharon, Pennsylvania to Joseph and Margaret Krochka and moved to Warren, Ohio at the age of 2 with his sister, Judy, and brother, Robert. He graduated from Howland High School in Warren in 1974. His father, Joseph, owned (along with 3 partners) a bowling alley named Laurel Lanes. Krochka spent lots of time bowling as a child and played other sports, including baseball and tennis. After graduating high school Krochka went to Kent State University in Kent, Ohio where he majored in accounting. After graduating in 1979 he spent a year working for the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen & Co. Then he moved to San Diego, California to attend the University of San Diego School of Law. He graduated from law school in 1983 and passed the California Bar Exam that year. He currently resides in Walnut Creek, California and has his own law practice.


While he was attending Kent State University Krochka bought an acoustic guitar his senior year. Since buying it he has played other people’s music and even played in church choirs but had never played professionally. At the age of 55 he decided to write music and discovered he had a passion for it. Of course, writing music is not easy so after staring at a blank page numerous times Krochka read articles on writing songs and also on music theory. He quickly discovered he had a passion for music writing. Soon he had written a few songs and wanted to record them. He contacted Brian Matthews, of Under The Sun Studios in Concord, California. Matthews and Krochka hit it off and soon Brian was not only the recording engineer but also played various instruments on Krochka’s songs. Krochka currently has one CD – “Inside The Brain” – completed and is working on a second CD in the recording process entitled “Dream”.

Krochka also practices law in his own law firm in Walnut Creek, California and has practiced as a CPA although he does not currently do so. On October 29, 2011 he married Brenda Portier and lives with her and her two daughters Amanda and Lindsey. Krochka’s daughter, Jaymee, attends Diablo Valley College where she swims on the swim team. Krochka serves on the board of directors of two charities: Meals On Wheels/Senior Outreach Services and Senior Legal Services.


Krochka’s first CD entitled “Inside The Brain” got its name for two reasons. First, from the song entitled “Inside The Banker’s Brain”. Second, because many of the songs are thoughtful songs about world leaders (“Where Have The Leaders Gone?”) or about his wife, Brenda (“So This Is Love”), or daughter, Jaymee (“Jaymee”). Of course, he could not resist writing some songs just for fun such as “LT (The Cat)” about a rapping cat and “My Cyber Baby” about internet dating. Also, he wrote a song about growing old and wanting to laugh and play anyway (“I Don’t Know Why”). “Take Me To Belize” is a happy, relaxing song about taking a trip to beautiful Belize and enjoying the blue skies and water.

When writing music Krochka pulls from various influences from classical music to rock. In so doing he creates music and lyrics that span those influences. When creating “Inside The Brain” to make the songs come to life he brought in musicians having various areas of expertise. Brian Matthews is the recording engineer through Under The Sun Studios in Concord, California. Matthews also plays guitar, mandolin, and sings as well. For the other instruments Krochka brings in studio musicians having high degrees of skill such as Trevor Lloyd on violin, Allison Lovejoy on piano and accordion, Matt Davis on drums, Derek Smith on percussion. In “LT (The Cat)” his wife, Brenda, and step-children – Amanda and Lindsey – join him on vocals. Lawrence Beamen, from America’s Got Talent fame, joins Krochka on “Where Have The Leaders Gone?”.

His second CD – “Dream”, now in recording, will have a similar vein running through it. Lots of variety so listening to the CD does not become monotonous. Krochka has heard friends say they have bought CDs because they like a hit song and then all the other songs sound like the hit. “Dream” finds Krochka doing an historical song about Pickett’s Charge during the U.S. Civil War entitled “Fury At The Wall”. A country-style travel song about going to Montana entitled “Goin’ To Montana”. The title song “Dream” is an optimistic song about never being too old or young to dream. There are some rock songs (e.g., “Want The Short Line” and The Real Deal”) and even a song where Humpback Whales have an opportunity to sing (“A Beautiful Song”).

Background Information

Birth name James Joseph Krochka

Also known Jim Krochka

Born November 16, 1956

                                Sharon, Pennsylvania

Origin Warren, Ohio

Genres Rock, folk, country, children’s, easy-listening

Occupations Musician, songwriter, producer

Instruments Guitar, vocals

Years active 2012-present

Labels None currently – independent artist


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