Jetti Ayo is an American beatboxer, entrepreneur, and video game designer. Born in Seattle, Washington, he made a name for himself as a local star, winning several municipal and regional competitions in the beatboxing genre, beginning in 2005. After success in the Pacific Northwest, Jetti moved to Southern California where he pursued a career in the music industry. Although faced with early setbacks, Jetti soon garnered success in the indie rock world, earning plaudits from critics for his gripping, engaging performances.

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After seeing a lack of future potential in Southern California, Jetti embarked on a worldwide tour, frequenting such locales as Canada, Japan, and Africa. While on these tours, he not only catered to the local preferences of audiences, but he also added to his eclectic musical style by adopting certain local music-making methods. His tour, though successful in many respects, ultimately only elicited a moderate amount of publicity for his endeavors.

Upon returning from his worldwide tour, Jetti reengaged in the Southern California music scene, where he quickly reinserted himself into that colorful milieu. He earned much praise from local critics for his unique style, but still only garnered a limited amount of attention from national producers. While here, in order to heighten his publicity, he also launched his own clothing line named D2.


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