Jetforce Productions (often stylized as JeTForCe ProDucTionS) is a record label & a recording studio based in Pleasant Valley, New York. The Record Label was founded by rapper B-Mob & is headed by CooPa Funky Fresh. JetForce Productions has recently signed the group The PV Mob, a protege of I-Earn Chef. Jetforce Productions recently hosted a benefit called Hoops 4 Coop, a basketball tournament that all proceeds went towards the quarter million dollar bail fee that is currently on CooPa's head. CooPa was arrested for armed robbery & Possession of marijuana

Artists Number Of Releases title
CooPa Funky Fresh 6 SEX Sells, Your Smile. My Sunshine. (single), Feel It (Single Feat. PJ Patrix), Hold Your Weapons, Water2Wine: The Miracle & The Crisis & DoubleCLICKER (Feat. I-Earn Chef & B-Mob).
I-Earn Chef 4 The Food Fight, Culinary Arts, Intangibly Handsome & DoubleCLICKER (Feat. CooPa Funky Fresh & B-Mob).
B-Mob 4 Mixed Hate, Broken Glass, DoubleCLICKER (Feat. CooPa Funky Fresh & I-Earn Chef) & Make It On My Own (Single Feat. Rachel Ramirez)
T-Dog 0 The Rapology (TBA)
Young Chubzy 0
BeatTron 0 Live From Bohemian Grove (TBA)
DJ Severe Burns 0
Big Tom 0
High OFF Rhyme 1 Allow Me To Aviate
BRG 1 Vex G (Feat. GeeBigz)
GeeBigz 1 Professional Fly (Single Feat. BRG)
Kickstomper 0
The PV Mob 0
The B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. Minds 1 Welcome To High School
Kyle Crichton 1 Hooligans
Dreidy 1 Altitude Is Everything
JetForce 0
3rd Degree Burns 0

T-Dog is the older brother of DJ Severe Burns & the younger brother of 3rd Degree Burns. he is also the cousin of BeatTron & Young Chubzy.

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