Jesus Henry Crow was a farmer from the small town of Ariton, Alabama. He was born in 1866 and died in 1938. His mother, when he was born, named him Jesus after her faith. She also gave him the middle name Henry in honor of his father who died during the American Civil War. As a child, Jesus grew up poor and spent most of his time looking for food to eat. Jesus got in trouble through most of his childhood for petty thievery. After the death of his mother, when Jesus was in his early thirties, he suffered a terrible stroke which left him unable to speak properly. After this he became depressed and lost his house in a fire incident. Jesus than was forced live in a small shack in the northern part of the town. Often he was thought of as the town idiot because his ability to speak was so poor that rarely anyone was able to understand what he was trying to say. Jesus would spend most of his time after this working at whatever job he could find to make some sort of income. On July 24th, 1938 Jesus H. Crow was found dead in his house with a knife in his chest. The people of the town dismissed his death as a suicide and it was never investigated any further.

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