Jessie Busley (March 10, 1869, Albany, New York – April 20, 1950, New York City) was an American actress/comedian who performed on stage, screen and radio for over six decades.


Ernest Joy (1907–1908) (separated)

Jack Ferris (? - ?) (divorced)

Personal life

Several months after they were married Ernest Joy tried to shoot a theatrical press agent in a jealous rage after he saw him leaving a theater with Jessie. Word of the shot was reported in the news of the time and the press agent left town. Later that same year Jessie and Ernest separated after it was reported that she had him arrested for "annoying her" all charges were dropped when Jessie did not appear to testify against him.

Jessie made The New York Times when an article appeared August 1, 1908 claiming she had "Set Two Men on her husband Ernest C. Joy who she intended to divorce.

The New York Times article titled:


and said "Ernest C. Joy Says His Wife, Jessie Busley, Set Two Men on Him. HE IS SENT TO A HOSPITAL One of His Unidentified Assailants Beat Him Over the Head with an Iron Bar." The article went on to say that they had frequent quarrels and end by saying that (at that time) "She last appeared in The Bishop's Carriage in which she made a hit"

Lastly leaving the parting shot that "She is well known as an actress but has had more success in the south and west then in this city"


Jessie starred on stage in over 25 Charles Frohman productions in the first 15 years of her career.

Later in June 1930 she would appear on film for the first time in The Devil's Parade A Musical Revue set in Hades, a 10 minute film short by Warner Bros. Pictures along side Actress Joan Blondell

Jessie went on to appear in such films as Brother Rat and Brother Rat and a Baby with Priscilla Lane, Jane Bryan, Oscar nominated actor Eddie Albert, Oscar winning actress Jane Wyman, and actor and two term president of the United States Ronald Reagan

In 1939 She appeared alongside Kay Francis, Oscar nominated actor James Stephenson,and Oscar winner and legendary actor Humphrey Bogart in King of the Underworld The next year she would appear alongside Humphrey Bogart again in It All Came True with actress Ann Sheridan.

Broadway Plays

  • +Not on Broadway

Daly's Theatre

Nov 27, 1899 - Feb 4, 1900

  • The Manoeuvres of Jane [Original, Play, Comedy]

Garden Theatre

Feb 21, 1900 - May 1900

  • Hearts Are Trumps [Original, Play, Melodrama]

The National Theatre
+(Washington, DC)

October 22 - October 27, 1900

  • Hearts Are Trumps [Original, Play, Melodrama]

[Herald Square Theatre]

May 20, 1901 - Jul 8, 1901

  • The Brixton Burglary [Original, Play, Farce]

Criterion Theatre

Aug 26, 1901 - Dec 1901

  • A Royal Rival [Original, Play, Drama]

Garrick Theatre

Mar 17, 1902 - Apr 1902

  • Sky Farm [Original, Play, Comedy]

Garrick Theatre

Aug 25, 1902 - Sep 1902

  • The New Clown [Original, Play, Farce]

Hoyt's Theatre

Sep 30, 1902 - Nov 1902

  • The Two Schools [Original, Play]

Empire Theatre

Jan 5, 1904 - Jan 1904

  • Little Mary [Original, Play]

Savoy Theatre, (1/11/1905 - 1/29/1905)
Lyceum Theatre, (1/30/1905 - 4/30/1905)

Jan 11, 1905 - Apr 30, 1905

  • Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots [Original, Play, Comedy]

Grand Opera House

Feb 25, 1907 - Mar 1907

  • In the Bishop's Carriage [Original, Play]

New Theatre

Nov 11, 1909 - [unknown]

  • The Cottage in the Air [Original, Play]

New Theatre

Jan 3, 1910 - Jan 3, 1910

  • Liz the Mother [Original, Play]

New Theatre

Mar 28, 1910 - [unknown]

  • The Winter's Tale [Revival, Play, Comedy]

New Theatre

Dec 19, 1910 - [unknown]

  • Old Heidelberg [Revival, Play]

Liberty Theatre

Nov 23, 1914 - Nov 1914

  • Twelfth Night [Revival, Play, Comedy]

Hudson Theatre

Sep 18, 1916 - Dec 1916

  • Pollyanna [Original, Play]

Playhouse Theatre

Oct 15, 1919 - Oct 1919

  • A Young Man's Fancy [Original, Play, Comedy]

Playhouse Theatre

Oct 25, 1926 - Jan 1927

  • Daisy Mayme [Original, Play, Comedy]
[Daisy Mayme Plunkett]

Lyceum Theatre

Dec 28, 1928 - Jan 1929

  • To-Morrow [Original, Play]

Broadhurst Theatre

Nov 19, 1930 - Dec 1930

  • An Affair of State [Original, Play, Comedy]
[Aunt Augusta]

48th Street Theatre

Oct 6, 1931 - Dec 1931

  • The Streets of New York, or Poverty is No Crime [Revival, Play, Melodrama]
[Mrs. Puffy]

48th Street Theatre

Oct 14, 1931 - Oct 1931

  • Pillars of Society [Revival, Play, Drama]
[Miss Rummel]

Fulton Theatre

Dec 26, 1931 - Mar 1932

  • The Bride the Sun Shines On [Original, Play, Comedy]
[Mrs. Marbury]

Belasco Theatre

Feb 20, 1933 - May 1933

  • Alien Corn [Original, Play]
[Mrs. Skeats]

Center Theatre

Sep 22, 1934 - Jun 8, 1935

  • The Great Waltz [Original, Musical, Operetta]

Center Theatre

Aug 5, 1935 - Sep 16, 1935

  • The Great Waltz [Original, Musical, Operetta]

Music Box Theatre

Nov 26, 1935 - Jun 1936

  • First Lady [Original, Play, Comedy]
[Belle Hardwick]

Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Dec 26, 1936 - Jul 1938

  • The Women [Original, Play, Comedy]
[Mrs. Morehead]

Music Box Theatre

Jan 3, 1944 - Jul 8, 1944

  • Over 21 [Original, Play]
[Mrs. Armina Gates]

John Golden Theatre

Nov 9, 1945 - Dec 1, 1945

  • The Rich Full Life [Original, Play]
[Mother Fenwick]

Lyceum Theatre

Apr 25, 1949 - Apr 30, 1949

  • The Happiest Years [Original, Play, Comedy]
[Alida Wentworth]


This filmography is believed to be complete.

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