Emilian Wehrle

Jerome Gleason

Jerome Gleason (1843 - 1907) was a little known government official in the late 1880s. His exact rank is not known, but his job was to monitor civilian rebellion activities and prevent others from knowing government secrets. He died in 1907 of Smallpox after losing his his job, home and wife.


Jerome Gleason was born in Germany as Emilian Wehrle but changed his name after he immigrated to the US. The names and/or occupations of his parents are unknown. He received a degree in Forensic Science at Harvard University in 1862.


His first jobs are unknown, but Gleason temporarily became a private detective while living in Michigan. Intrigued by his interests, the US government recruited him to work as an associate of the president, possibly acting as an officer to regulate civilian uprisings and rebellions.


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