Jereme Leason

Jereme Leason hails from a small village of Castletown located on the Isle of Man in the middle of the Irish Sea, in between Great Britain and Ireland itself. Jereme Leason's immediate lineage can be traced to Douglas O'Malley - a local backsmith and a fellow stone pounder. Jereme's mother was given to wed to Douglas O'Malley at a young age of 12. A local village source working for the Isle of Man Times recalled that his mothers name was Gertrude Hamilton.

Shortly following their honeymoon at Isle of Man Lodge the O'Malley's constamated their marriage in the creation of their son. Gertrude gave birth to what would then be Jereme O'Malley on June 06th 1966 at approximately six in the morning at a local hospital not to far from Isle Of Man Lodge. A local community source stated that Jereme O'Malley was not an ordinary chap. Due to his large size his mother's labor was very straneous and resulted in numerous injuries and internal bleeding that eventually led to her death. She was burried at Sea with all of her treasures and golds on June the 16th 1966, ironically at six in the evening.

As bloody violence broke out in Londonderry in 1968 and in Londonderry and Belfast in 1969 Douglas felt a Religious Christian Catholic renovation in his long lost faith and joined the IRA's cause in liberating Ireland from Britains colonial agenda. At just three year of age Jereme was forced to abaondon everything he knew as a toddler and set sail with his father to a new home.

Child hood for Jereme O'Malley was not an easy feat. His father Douglas could never forgive him for murdering the love of his life Gertrude Hamilton. And from an early age his father NEVER let him forget it. Jereme began his proffessional carreer by working as a blacksmih and occasionally pounding stone to make an extra bit of money to support himself and his dreams of comming to America to become a famous actor. Despite his recent rligious advancments, his father in his grief of Gertrude's death turned to alcohol for solace and was often prone to violence maniefested in the almost daily abuse of his one and only child - Jereme. Jereme was no stranger to violence and poverty spending numerous nights in the attic - much like Anne Frank - reminising about his early memmories of the sunsets on Isle of Man. As Jereme grew and matured into a man he developed long luxurious golden locks - local sources say much like his mother's, a broad muscular frame, a chiseled prominent jawline, and an aquiline nose that was nothing short of the Great Ceasor. Seeing the flaws and the repeated violence of his fathers actions, now direted at the local populus Jereme could stand his father no longer. In 1986 on June sixth at approximately six in the morning at just the age of 20 Jereme challenged his father to a barenuckle brawl in the Belfast Town Square. The fight dragged out for days as authorities and local town folk came to watch. The fight ended with Jereme staning vicorious over his father corps in the Botanic Gardens in the Queen's Quarter. Shortly following these events Jereme O'Malley conducted a self examination and realized he murdered his father and in light of his recent obsession with his mother he diagnozed himself with the Oedipus Complex.

In fear of being pursued by the IRA and the local authorities Jereme took his savings and set voyage to America to pursue his acting carreer. Arriving in late 1986 to the Great City of New York Jereme denied his name and Irish heritage for obvious reasons. He decided to change his family name to Leason. The city of New York realize Jereme's potential with his handsome looks and strong build and wihout hesitation put him to work in the Dominican Harlem's most prominent meat factory. Working long hours in what pretty much appeared to be an underground dungeon Jereme honed his fine body by hanging large chunks of meat on sharp medal hooks to be stored in freezers.

Jereme, working nights and attending tap dancing lesson by day quickly developed a feel for the stage and was given the lead role in the tap dance rendition of the famous musical "Cats" set to be presented live at the NYC Broadway Theater. The rendition of the famous musical never aired due to the tragic events following September 11th 2001. Shaken by the tragedy Jereme Leason suspected that the attack was a plot by the IRA to avenge Douglas O'Malley's death and kill Jereme Leason who was on his way to the World Trade Center that morning. In a personal interview Jereme Leason recalled that the only reason he was late was because he couldn't find his favorite tap dancing shoes following a night on the town. Jereme decided to start a new life on the Golden Coast in the City of Angels.

Upon his arrival to Los Angeles Jereme qickly worked his way into the "In Crowd" scene of L.A. It was there in the City of Angels where Jereme Leason developed a taste for fine arts and became a human rights activist for struggling Mexican Immigrants creating the United Mexican Immigrant Liberation Farmers-Front (UMILF). As the Mexican Emigree base of LA understood its abuse by the Hollywood community they decided to boycot the largest film industry in the world: Hollywod itself. Jereme took numerous political hits and heat for his working with the illegals and the almost downfall of Hollywood. In a series of dirty political campaign adds the United Mexican Immigrant Liberation Farmers-Front was presented as Jereme's long struggle with the Oedipus Complex. The acronym "UMILF" was interpreted as Jereme's hidden obsession with his long deceased mother. Still plagued by his childhood memmories and the constant pursuit of the IRA Jereme was exiled from Hollywood's in crowd and was forced to retire from Hollywood to Manhattan KS where he continues his work as a philanthropist and a social guide for troubed Mexican youth.

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