Jepharee Michael Howard (commonly known as Jeph, or Jepha) is the bassist in the American alternative rock band The Used.


Howard began playing bass when his childhood friend Korby Connell played guitar. Jeph figured that if Korby played guitar, he must pick up bass. Prior to Bert joining The Used, Jeph was the singer, but he prefers to play bass.

Howard is an only child, and in one time in his life, was a boyscout. Before The Used became signed to Reprise Records, he worked as a cook and baker. At the start of the band, Howard had dreadlocks that producer, John Feldmann, liked to say looked almost like “poo”. He currently owns a long haired dachshund and short haired dachshund- also known as a “weiner” dog. Their names are Zelda and Link after one of his favorite Nintendo video games, “The Legend of Zelda”.

Howard says he listens to all kinds of music - he likes everything from “noise and super screamy metal to hip hop.” He believes that this is partly because his father would play records for him growing up. Howard also says he enjoys Japan/Japanese culture and horror films. He says he drinks six to eight cups of green tea daily as that is his favorite kind of tea. Jepha is said to believe in UFO’s. Howard is a vegetarian and appreciates PETA and is featured on their “Save #99” DVD. He is known to drink alcohol in moderation, and thus he travels on The Used’s “Party Bus” periodically. He claims that he hates groupies. He thinks they're gross and he's not really cool with them. He likes to tease them on occasion.

Jeph is engaged to Serina, his long time girlfriend.


He has a tattoo of an angel on the right side of his neck and a devil tattooed on the left side of his neck with the word luck tattooed between them on the back of his neck. He says he believes it’s the only way to get through both of them. He has his best friends face tattooed on the back of his left leg, and his friend has Jeph’s face on the back of his right. Jeph has a tattoo of a typewriter on his stomach, and also has a severed unicorn head on his left thigh. He also has a ‘cock sleeve’. Howard also has had fifteen piercings, including a penis piercing - a Prince Albert, snakebite lip piercings and a tongue piercing. Also he has a tattoo on his left middle finger of a lightening bolt which would be his first tattoo he got before he was of age to get a tattoo.

Guest Appearances

Howard has had to fill in for 30 Seconds to Mars bassist, Matt Wachter, on The Tonight Show.[1]


Jeph Howard has appeared in all The Used recordings, for a more comprehensive list, see The Used discography.


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