Mrs Bowen
Our lovely history teacher
Born (1879-03-14)14 March 1879 - Template. Using: Unknown
Anywhere and Everywhere.
Died She will live on forever in our hearts. But she's invincible anyway.
Residence Baulkham Hills High School
Institutions Baulkham Hills High School
Known for Being the best teacher ever, Moving to Ruse D:
Notable awards

∞ x Nobel Peace Prizes, ∞ x Best Teacher in the World

Mrs Bowen is (and will soon be a "was") a teacher that teaches history at Baulko. She is liked by all her students who all appreciate the work she has done in order to teach them well. She is famous for being awesome and for making history fun. Because of this, Edward, Dennis and Arjun are proud to present to Mrs Bowen a Wikipedia article all about her. P.S. We know you hate Wikipedia :)



Legend says Mrs Bowen was the result of God accidentally passing down all his awesomeness, glory and intelligence into a child who became Mrs Bowen.

Early Career

Mrs Bowen attended Macquarie Uni and graduated as a History teacher and Teacher of Awesomeness in 1990. She first taught at Santa Sabina College in Strathfield.

Good Times

In 2007, Mrs Bowen joined the one and only Baulkham Hills High School. Here, she taught history at the best selective school in the state. Sometimes, though, she questions how we all managed to get into Baulko in the first place. She completed her Masters degree in Education Teacher Librarianship in 2011 and would defect through the Demiliterized Zone to James Ruse soon after.

Sad Times

In 2012, Mrs Bowen announced she would be leaving Baulkham Hills High School to go to the other school. She would be leaving in the middle of 2012, after Term 2 finished and would become a Teacher Librarian at the other school.

Better Times

As of today, there is no word of when Mrs Bowen will return to Baulko, however there is no doubt that this will happen in the future from the popular demand of all of the Baulkham Hills students and staff.


Dennis Yang: If I knew you were leaving, I'd have studied for the history half yearly and tried to get a decent mark for history. You're such an awesome teacher and Ruse really doesn't deserve you. It's not fair. Oh and make sure you tell them we'll smash them in 2014 and also to sabotage their efforts by misplacing books etc.

Arjun Perumynar: I think you are a good teacher who cares about your students.

Lachlan Gibbons: Mrs Bowen thanks for insulting vansh all year XD but youre being retarded just kick mansfield and take his job HERE. T.T I DONT WANT A CRAP HISTORY TEACHER! Tell ruse theyre screwed we will be better than them in yr 12. FROM BLONDIE >.<

Nancy Cai: Mrs Bowen, thanks for nurturing me at BHHS. starting in yr 7. From incorporating all the gory details about mummification to Hitler's "medical condition", you made history a lot more enjoyable. We'll all miss you and I wish you the best of everything.

Jeffrey Wang: FAIL THEM (RUSE) ALL. Thanks for teaching us all these years and give the Ruser's hell.

Edward Lee: Are you going to Ruse for the Asians? We can kick out Lachlan and you can stay :)

Andy Tran: I think you have been a really kind teacher that gets along really well with all of the students in the school and it's REALLY SAD that you're leaving.

William Du: Thanks Mrs Bowen for teaching us some history that is actually interesting! You made it fun for me in Year 7, and fun ever since! Good Luck in Ruse!

Saad Shaheen: Ms Bowen, I've never really had you as a teacher, but I know how you have helped people in your time at baulko. Heaps of my friends have said how you've changed not only their history grades but their lives for the better. Even though I've never really talked to you I have the greatest respect for you, thank you for contributing so much to our school and have fun at Ruse!

Stephanie Sun: thankyou mrs bowen for being an honestly awesome teacher in year 9! :D i still remember the funny stories you would tell us.. Including the one with the guy whos hand was erm. Under the table :P youre a greaat history teacher and ruse better appreciate you ! Haha lo :D thanks to you i got good grades but you know not to mention.. You owe me a merit for the four stamps i got! haha i will always rememver our nicknames as well. love lots, stephanie sun-shine.

Pai Lu: Hey Ms. Bowen! I hope you've had a great time at Baulko and that you'll have an equally awesome time at James Ruse. Be sure to miss us because we'll certainly miss you.

Nikhil Kuchi: thank you for being such an awesome teacher. good luck at ruse.

Philip Yu: Have an awesome time at ruse Mrs Bowen! Thank you for everything you've done for me and I've really enjoyed your supervision and teaching over the past 3 years at baulko. I don't think ruse deserves a teacher as good as you but the money better be worth it! So when you go to ruse make sure to tell them how good and awesome baulko is, and how smart we are and caring and how we have LIVES : D But yes.. Thank you so much for all you've done, and I hope you have a great time (obviously not as great as the time at baulko) at ruse!

Jennifer Andrews: THANKYOU MRS BOWEN FOR BEING AN EXCELLENT HISTORY TEACHER!! I'll always remember that day in yr7 when vansh asked "miss, what's a concubine?" and you said, "it's someone who is paid for sex", and there was this massive awkward silence... i have really good memories of you as a teacher and i've always wished i could have you, but now i can pass that wish onto other students in ruse (saad is right! they dont deserve you :( ), but i hope you have a good time there and your students too ! from another jennifer :L

Jack Gan: THANKYOU MRS BOWEN FOR BEING AWESOME! We are going miss you owning vansh xPPP Good luck for the future. You have been an extremely cool teacher and you better make ruse fail so baulko prevails and beat ruse eventually >DD

Roy (the year 8 kid): Thanks Ms Bowen you've been so nice to us, and especially me and hope you are really well in the future and in Ruse!

Christina Xia: Hi Mrs Bowen. Thanks for being an awesome teacher and making history fun :D please come back to baulko one day and enjoy ruse!

Jason Vorapatrakul: Hi miss! Thank you lots for making my year 7 & 9 history classes fun and interesting, despite my lack of intellectual bananas. That being said, I hope you have the coolest smoothest grooviest bestest amazingest fantastic time at ruse. say hi to ronny for us.


James Lin: Ms Bowen you are not cool. Just kidding, you're fantastics. :D Thanks for making history awesomer than history should have been all these years. I wish you all the best in that school over there and like jason said, say hi to ronny for us (: goodluck;havefun and we'll all miss you alot.

Marcella Cheng: Mrs Bowen is, and always will be, my favourite history teacher.

Joee Ahmed: mrs bowen - I don't really know what to say that hasn't been said, and I'm trying to keep to the deadline Dennis set, so I'll just keep it short and sincere. thank you for all that you have taught us (you were always my favourite history teacher), but more importantly, thank you for the kindness you've shown to me. It was always appreciated. Good luck. (Ruse doesn't deserve you.)


I bet you Ruse would never make an attempt to put as much effort and make something like this when you leave and return to Baulko.


She likes to travel overseas, particularly to Europe, with France and Paris being her favourite destinations. She also enjoys defecting over the DMZ to the other school.

Poem for you

With a special gift for teaching
And with a heart that deeply cares,
You add a lot of love
To everything you share,
And even though
You mean a lot,
You'll never know how much,
For you helped
To change the world
Through every Vansh you dissed.
You sparked the historic side
In the students whom you taught,
And helped them strive for goals
That could not be bought,
You are such a special teacher
That no words can truly tell
However much you're valued
For the work you've do so well.

And so... the end

Goodbye and have fun. We're sure you'll be everyone's favourite teacher at Ruse. When you leave them to come back to Baulko, they'll be crying their heads off too. Life continues, but the awesomeness you brought with it to us doesn't continue. Please don't make your excursion to Ruse last too long. We want you back before we do our HSC.

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