Born Jeffery Dexter Bedwell August 15th 1946 Lambeth London

Jeff Dexter has made almost every move in and around the entertainment industry. Starting with Mecca Dancing in 1961 a dancer & singer with Cyril Stapleton's Orchestra at London's Lyceum Ballroom. And was Band Boy when on the road, which entailed looking after all the props, extra instruments & music. While at the Lyceum became a Disc Jockey and MC on the Record Hops, working with Ian "Sammy" Samwell, Jimmy Saville (then Ballroom Manager at Leeds Locarno). I also worked with many other dance bands, and began my own promotions in other London venues presenting the new beat bands. He helped take Britain's first mobile record hop to on the road in February 1962, beginning at Greenwich Town Hall followed by other regular promotions in Brighton and Croydon. Also became a partner in a record promotion company with Tony Calder. The first record they promoted together was "Love Me Do". Jeff gave up his singing career when he had to follow Ike & Tina Turner at the Hammersmith Palais. Dexter and also Samwell hosted many late night record shows at night clubs, including The Flamingo Wardour Street, The Roaring Twenties Carnaby Street and The Crazy Elephant in Jermyn Street.

In 1966-7 worked at Tiles Club in Oxford Street as host and DJ presenting all the soul & pop acts including Otis Redding. Started The Jeff Dexter Light & Sound Show with the emerging underground and psychedelic scene, with acts like Pink Floyd. Took up residency at Middle Earth Club in Covent Garden with John Peel, but did not take offer to join Radio One. 1968-73 Promoted and presented rock shows at The Roundhouse Chalk Farm, mainly under the Implosion banner. Helped organize and host nearly all major festival, including many of the free concerts in Hyde Park. Hosted and arranged most of the acts that appeared at the 1971 Glastonbury Fayre. Managed a band called America, also co-produced their first album. Made number one in the States, as did their first single for Warner Brothers Records. 1973-79 managed and produced several artists, negotiated deals with Atlantic Records (Isaac Guillory), Warner Brothers (Peter Sarstedt, BIM) and EMI (Alfalpha). Tour managed in the UK, USA and European Ran the merchandising concessions for many acts and his own music publishing company. 1979-81 moved between Milan and New York, worked with well-known Italian group and made awful disco records, but worked with some of his favourite musicians. 1981-83 moved back to UK to manage a hot new band, signed them to Arista Records then to Warner Brothers Records. Started promoting retro record shows in West End clubs. 1983-89 promoted a regular club, .The 2I‘s in Tottenham Court Road at the Empire Rooms, worked with Time Out, organised music & entertainment at large corporate parties. 1990- Began managing rock bands again, took on new partnerships, made several records, and spent far too much time & money. Joined a group of old friends to bid for a radio license began work on my biographical book of memories. Joined a consortium and with the aim of re-launching shows at the Roundhouse.

Took on Lifestyle Consultancy work.

Happily married to his wife Simona Perlasca with two sons Wesley (Events Manager) & Lincoln (student of Art History.

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