Jeanie Almond aka Mama Shotgun or Mama Jeanie is a former world champion trap shooter (first women to win this) a general manager of one of the largest gun ranges in Texas, and a grandmother of 23 grandchildren.

Her father Ken Robertson was a champion trap shooter in California for many years. He made a made a series of how to videos on skeet shooting in the eighties for Pachmayr. Jeanie's son Scott Robertson is a professional skeet shooter and champion as well. Scott was winning HOA in major shoots when he was in his teens.

Jeanie Almond is President of the Youth Target Foundation a 501 C-3 Nonprofit and founder of Lipstick and Lead an organization dedicated to the Education and Empowerment of women shooters. She has been teaching shooting and gun safety for over 46 years.

She is a certified NRA Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun Coach, range safety officer, home Firearm and Safety.[1]

Mama Shotgun is a certified 4h Shotgun instructor.

Jeanie Almond has created her own set of How to Video's in a series called Lipstick and Lead. The series focuses on shotgun shooting and handgun shooting.


Spike TV'S Auction Hunters with Mama Jeanie Guest Star


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