Jayden Mansfield (born 17 March 1992) is an English singer-songwriter who is currently Unsigned. Jayden broke into the music scene in December 2011, shortly following this he released his debut EP REV3RSE. He is currently on tour in Edinburgh, Scotland, as well as working on his new album, releasing in 2013.

Life and career

Born in Scarborough, North Yorkshire Jayden started swimming from a very young age, he swam for several clubs to a high level. He swam for Kingfishers and Scarborough Swimming Club, he stopped swimming due to school commitments as he progressed into secondary education, attending St. Augustine's school in Scarborough. After leaving school Jayden attended college and then pursued a career in the Royal Marines which unfortunately ended prematurely due to a [[tendon injury]]. From an early age he was fascinated by music and musicians. He went to a local open mic and was inspired by many musicians and artists, he then made the life changing decision and decided to learn to play the guitar. Interested in following his ambition to be a musician he was reffered and tutored by Mr Robert "Rockman" Simpson. He then proceeded to attend all the open mics in his home town. With popular interest growing he started gigging regularly around the scene. In early February 2012 he visited Sonic Moles recording studio rehearsing practicing and draft recording his EP. In the later half of February he started work on his first proffesional recording "REV3RSE EP" which featured some of his own original songs highlighting his talents as a songwriter. Jayden openly speaks about his inspiration for his lyrics, he says his biggest inspirations are Ed Sheeran and Damien Rice. After playing succsesfully in his home town he moved in May 2012 to Edinburgh to follow his ambitions. He started playing the open mics again everyday, he soon moved up to hosting a regular open mic and playing often around the City.



  • REV3RSE (2013)


  • Land of Make-Believe (2011)
  • Make Believe Hero (2011)
  • Stargazer (2011)
  • Super-hero (2011)
  • Italy With No Rome (2012)
  • Will Be Free (2012)
  • Hold On (2013)
  • Above the Birds (2012)


Why Not ? * (2012) =Scarborough=York=Edinburgh=Glasgow


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