Javed Iqbal Qazilbash

Javed Iqbal Qazilbash (born February 16, 1949) is an author, translator, poet and editor of the quarterly publication Paygham-e-Ashna, published in Islamabad in Urdu (language). Initialiy he started his education in the convent schools and studied there up to 4th standard. Thereafter, he was admitted to the Angeovernecular school Bannu PakhtoonKhawa, where he passed his middle class. He did his matriculation in the 1st class from the Muslim High School, Rawalpindi. Later he took admission in Govt. Degree College the Asghar Mall Rawalpindi where he studied up to BSc. After getting his degree from the Punjab University he started earning his livelihood by working as a science teacher in various schools including St. Panls Cambridge School Rawalpindi.


In May 1968, he joined PIA. Where he had a chance to work in the various airports of his own country and traveled to as many as 32 countries of Europe, Middle East, Africa and also US and China. He also worked in various countries. In 1974 he got married to the daughter of Syed Safdar Hussain Naqavi from a Urdu speaking family migrated from Baland Shehr (India). Having spent their honeymoon in England the couple returned home after performing a pilgrimage enroute through Iran, Iraq, Syria. After returning he was posted to Nairobi (Kenya) for a month. Again on his way back to homeland he performed umrah in September 1977.

Career overview

In October 1978 he was posted to London where he worked on Heathrow airport. His son was born in Jan 1979 in London. In March 1979 he was reposted to Jeddah on his own request. He stayed there for a year, performed a Hajj in the same year and many umrahs.

Again he was posted to Dubai in April 1980 as his Aqama could not be arranged due to administrative reasons. He completed his posting tenure in Dubai in Nov 1982. Thereafter, he traveled to Iran for Ziarah along with his family to return back home.

He resumed his job in Islambad airport in November 1982. In 1983 he became ill, which made him unfit for night duties whereas the operations were mostly during nights. So he was obliged to get his job terminated. Again he traveled to hunt job in Dubai and Iran in 1985. He performed Ziarah and returned jobless in Auguest 1985 to Pakistan.

In December 1985 he was in a road accident, and had to remain confined to bed for six months.

In July 1986 he was appointed as translator by the Iran Counsellor in Lahore Kisayi Shirazee. He along with his family remained there till December 1986.

In Dec 1987 he was posted to Iran Culture Centre Rawalpindi where he remained till summer of 1987. He traveled to Azad Kashmir (Muzzafar abad) along with Director shahbazi. In Dec 1989 he resigned due to personel reasons. He remained unemployed until February 1990. Thereafter, he joined the Iran Radio/TV (IRIB) where he the stayed up to the end of the year 1990. Again the Invitation of Hussain Ali Mohsanian made him rejoin Iran Culture Centre in Early 1991. He traveled to Iran in the same year. On returning back he was assigned the new errand i.e. his first everbook “تصور وحدت اسلامی اور ایران”. The sooner the book was published by Culture Centre he was invited to cultural consulate to co work by Syed Kamal Syed Jawadi where he joined and got published a couple of issues of the magazine Wahdat-e-Islami in the absence of the editor of the magazine Mr. Syed Mohammad Razavi. He continued there till 1994. In the year 1993 he traveled for his second ziarah to Karbala and Mashad.

In the September of year 1994 he went to Karbala for the third time whereafter he crossed over to Syria for the ziarah of Bibi Zainab (SWA). On his way back he stayed in Iran on the invitation of Syed Kamal Syed Jawadi to perform a Project in the Persian Lauguage Authority which he completed in early 1975. He gave a 30 thousand Persian phrases, Idioms, etc. used in Urdu.

All along during this period of 1 year and 8 months in Iran, he had the honor to be a close neighbor of Hazrat Masooma (SWA) he translated five book of Persian Language into English whose publication was accomplished by the Ansarian Publications. These book are being sent to be benefited in Canada, Australia, Africa and Middle East Countries.

He returned to Pakistan in April 1995. While he had some leisure here he translated “Ma wa Iqbal” (We and Iqbal) written by Dr Ali Shariati into Urdu. The launching ceremonies of this book were conducted in Islambad as well as Karachi with wide Press coverage. He again joined the cultural consulate under Syed Mehmood Merandi and resumed his pen work for the Monthly Wahdat-e-Islami of Cultural consulate Islamabad.

In May 1996, he was again bestowed upon with the opportunity of karbala journey for the fourth time. On his return, he published many of his works including a collection of poetry and books he had translated.

The list of his works is being enclosed. which reaches as many as 45 books. It is now 12 years he is the Dy. Editor of the Quarterly Payghame-e-Ashna published by the Cultural Consulate, Iran. He has also attended several International Seminars and read his papers in Islamabad and Tehran.

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