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Jatra poster

Jatra (जत्रा) also known as Jatra: Hyalagaad Re Tyalagaad is a 2006 Indian Marathi-language comedy film written and directed by Kedar Shinde. It is considered one of the more popular films starring actors Bharat Jadhav and Siddarth Jadhav. The music was composed by the duo Ajay and Atul Gogavale. Jatra features the song Kombadi Palali, which at the time became a 'superhit'.Ajay and Atul later used the same tune from the song "Kombdi Palali" when composing the item song "Chikni Chameli" for the Hindi film Agneepath in 2012.


The story is primarily about two villages called Hyalagaad and Tyaalagaad. The name of the villages roughly translate to "bury them". The focus of the film is about the towns' attempt to celebrate Jatra or religious fair. The hosting of the fair leads to a rivalry between the two villages. To determine whether Hyalagaad or Tyaalagaad hosts the fair, the towns' decide to hold a race between two individuals (Monya and Siddhu), who are willing to run, cheat and even kill for winning the rights to host the festival.

A youth called Monya played by Bharat Jadhav, who wants to become rich along with his six friends by unsavory means, arrives in the village. At the same time, his look-alike who has a limited vocabulary also arrives in the same village. What follows is a comedy of errors, one liners and slapstick.


  • Bharat Jadhav as Monya/Ghumya Double Role
  • Siddarth Jadhav as Siddhu
  • Kranti Redkar as Shevanta
  • Vijay Chavan as Jiva Kanole/ Shiva Kanole Double Role
  • Priya Berde as Akka
  • Sanjay Khapre as Sanjya
  • Upendra Limaye as Ramdas Mali


No. TitleSinger(s) Length
1. "Kombdi Palali"  Anand Shinde, Vaishali Samant, Ajay And Chorus; 4:50
2. "Maina"  ajay gogavle 5:04

Kombadi Palali

"Kombadi Palali" is an item number from the film. The song features Bharat Jadhav, along with Kranti Readkar, and was sung by Anand Shinde and Vaishali Samant, with music by Ajay-Atul. Jitendra Joshi wrote the lyrics to the song.


  • At the start of the film, Raj Thackeray provides the voice over as he introduces the story that unfolds.
  • Priyadarshan Jadhav wrote the lyrics for the song "Ye go ye Maina".
  • The tune from the song "Kombdi Palali" was later used by Ajay and Atul when composing the item song "Chikni Chameli" for the Hindi film Agneepath in 2012
  • The tune from the song "Ye Go Ye Ye Maina" was later used by Ajay and Atul in composing the item song "Mera Naam Mary Hai" for the Hindi film Brothers in 2015.


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