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Jared Karp is one of the thousands of unknown and discredited people with a massive impact on today's world. His early life is fragmented because the only record is what has been told by him. Born in the year 5126, during the Crutren War, Karp escaped barely by using one of the last working public time machienes. According to Karp, the machiene was decommissioned by a shot fired at him during his escape that missed destroying the control panel. The shot shorted the machine and sent him into the early 1800's. Along with him came debits from the control panel that allowed home to create a smaller time machiene using the debits and the local technology. From there his travels are scattered. According to historic documents, he has been to the years 1812; 1342; 2016; 2009; 2011; 2001; 1944; 1913; 1950 and 130 (B.C.). His last recorded time period was in the year 2012. According to documents, he has been influencing things to shape today's society. James Maddison

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