JapanServis has been operating in the automotive sector since more than 15 years. Company is specialized in car services and spare parts for top Japanese and Korean branded vehicles like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, etc.., in Tirana. Over the years the company has specialized in the segment of cars and SUV type vehicles of these brands.


JapanServis began its activity as a small business in 1997 with a very limited budget and staff. In the early 2000 the company made its segmentation and specialization thanks to the internal economic growth achieved. This economic growth, thanks to the successful management, continues even today making possible for the company to offer new, innovative and contemporary services in Albania.


By mid-2002 JapanServis company adds in its assets a car repair service in the Industrial Area, SH2 Tirane-Durres Km.5. This car repair service consists of four working bridges and an inspection bridge. On average 5-8 vehicles per day are treated in this service. Car service has also a parking for 15 vehicles during working hours at full repairing capacity. As part of the service staff are 4 Mechanicals, 2 Mechanical Engineering (specializing in the repair of engines) and Assistant Mechanics. The completed staff of the car service reaches up to 15 employees.


In response to the high demand of services in Albania, in 2004 the company was reorganized creating 6 new departments and specializing the management of different segments of its areas.

Rent a Car in Albania Department

In the last years, thanks to the increasing demand for this kind of service, JapanServis company recently opened the Rent a Car in Albania department in Tirana. The department cooperates closely with IT and web services [1] to provide customers fast and secure services with cometitice competitive prices.

Vechicle Dealership and Sales Department

At JapanServis Showroom customers can find new and used cars and motorbikes for sale. This department deals with organizing the showroom activity, and collaboration with IT and web services for the company. The JapanServis company organizes B2B and B2C sales of new vehicles and occasion used cars with its wide range of vehicles present at the showroom.

IT Department

Technology is the key of success at JapanServis. The company in recent years has invested extensively in integrating the latest technologies in each and every aspect related to automotive. Control and communication systems installed in the vehicles of the company provide safety and help the company to give customers a choice of persolanized prices, that other companies can not. JapanServis is promoting the GPS system kilometer payments for the rented vehicles. Systems like the Back-office are maintained in Cloud Computing enabling access to company employees from everywhere in the world. JapanServis works with the idea that the Internet world is flat and that the reduction of distances through advanced technology helps in providing quick and competitive products to the customer for both quality and price.

Finance Department

As part of this Department of JapanServis are 3 economists managing financial and economic aspects of the company using software products. The department deals with jobs from the routine maintenance services, to the capital repair value of engines.

Car Repair Services Department

As the area covered by JapanServis is made of very specific vehicles in electronics and having this ones significant monetary value, even the provision of service with tools and instruments is extended to special keys, original electronic equipment for the examination of all Japanese and Korean brands and state of the art electronic tire convergence systeme.

Spare Parts and Warehouse Department

Spare parts are found in central warehouse. This warehouse located in the city center of the capital city is a powerful supplier for both, cars repaired in the car service as well as for private customers. At the warehouse of JapanServis are stocked the majority of spare parts needed for all services, routine maintenance or major part defects. For particular spare parts that are not found in the warehouse, JapanService organizes deliveries:

  • Priority by air: ensuring that spare parts arrive within 5 days
  • Standard by sea: where the spare parts arrive in maximum 15 days

Quality at JapanServis

All parts used by the company are Genuine Spare Parts. Lubricants used in JapanServis Car Service are from top quality brands ("Liqui Moly", "Mobil 1", etc..). To fulfill all serious aspects of the work, JapanServis also provides breakdown truck service to its customers 24/7 with a discount of 10%.

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