Jamie Hook is a filmmaker and theatre director. He is also well known as the founding director of WigglyWorld Studios/The Northwest Film Forum, and sometimes film critic for such publications as The Stranger and Vogue Hommes.

Mr. Hook's film work includes a decade long stint as a producer, cinematographer, and editor, mostly for the films of Gregg Lachow. In 2004, Mr. Hook's debut feature film, The Naked Proof, played at festivals across the nation, earning awards at the Seattle International Film Festival and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. His stage work includes 2000's Scott & Zelda, a literary adaptation based on F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald's correspondence; Beyond Belief: A Philosophical Proof of Santa Claus; and the audience participation play Point Break Live!. Mr. Hook has also worked extensively on stage with the poetry performance ensemble, The Typing Explosion, co-creating such works as Dear Diane, Merry Christmas, Anyway and Love, Exciting Love. Mr. Hook's writing has appeared in many magazines including the Stranger, Vogue, Harper's, Hustler, and The Rake.

Mr. Hook has also served as the executive director of Grub Street, Inc. in Boston, and Minnesota Film Arts, in Minneapolis, where he was fired for mismanagement after less than a year on the job.[1]

Mr. Hook moved to New York City in early 2006, where he produced the roadshow of Guy Maddin's Brand Upon the Brain! at the Village East Cinemas, securing such luminaries as Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, John Ashberry, Crispin Glover, and Eli Wallach as narrators. Mr. Hook then toured this roadshow around the country and around the world. In 2008, Mr. Hook founded Complicated, Inc., a non-profit production company. He also launched Open City Dialogues, a bi-weekly lecture series taking place at Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn. In 2011, Mr. Hook produced the film VacationLand, starring ’70s screen icon Karen Black, among others. Mr. Hook spends his summers in Maine, where he runs the Denmark Arts Center, a small community arts center in the Lakes Region.

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