[[w:James Martin Petty] (August 31, 1983–Present) Petty as the navy folks like to call him was born in North Carolina on August 31, which would mean his parents probably had him conceived on Christmas or the New Years. Growing up in Siler City wasn't easy but he made the best of it. Slightly if not entirely overweight, grew to be the funny guy around school. His personality adapted to be one that tried it's best to please everyone. Soon he came to be Marty Party and became Marty Retardy as the young folks around the area came to call him. He came to drink all weekend and party, but still had time to make it to church on Sunday. Worked various jobs after High School varying anywhere from car dealer to random farm work. After getting the dreadful DUI, he acquired on a night of heavy intoxication, decided to join the United States Navy. Soon he became a Fire Controlmen, one of the best if not he best rate in the Navy. After getting fed up with his dysfunctional fat bod, decided to work out constantly till the point of peak muscle mass. With the help of GNC and all of its counterparts, he became that and also got a little big headed along the way. Myspace Profile


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