James Ho is a Canadian businessman.[1]


He holds an MBA from SFU.[2] Ho immigrated from Taipei, Taiwan and came to Canada as a high school student in 1972 and later became a Canadian citizen in 1977.[3]

Business activity

Ho currently owns a myriad of business interests. Many of these interests have been devoted to promoting multiculturalism in broadcasting.[4] Many of these companies are in the media industry.He founded RCG Forex in 1990 and is also President of Quantum Financial Services, a company where worked and eventually tooked over. It acts as a commodity brokerage firm. A media broadcaster, Ho also owns Mainstream Broadcasting Corporation, which runs radio station CHMB; and he is a shareholder and director of Multivan Broadcast Corporation, which owns television station MVBC. He also holds various joint ventures with HSBC[5] He also is a shareholder and director of Multivan Broadcast Corporation, which owns television station MVBC.[6]


  • President of the Taiwan Entrepreneurs and Investors Association of Canada
  • Member of the Diversity Advisory Committee to the Chief Constable of Vancouver Police
  • Advisor to the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation of Canada.
  • S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
  • Foundation of Simon Fraser University (Trustee)
  • Chinese Entrepreneurs Society of Canada (Vice-Chair)
  • Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Society


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