Jacket fetishism in its pure form is most usually associated with padded nylon jackets though can be associated with leather jackets, particularly in association with Bondage (BDSM). Denim jackets are objects of jacket fetishism too. Jacket fetishists are generally (but not necessarily) male and gay in the 20 to 45 age range.

Popular Jackets

The most popular kinds of jackets for the jacket fetishist are;

Snorkel Parka

MA-1 bomber jacket or MA-2 bomber jacket, also known as flight jackets

• Down jackets (or similar looking polyester wadded puffa jackets)

• Other padded nylon anoraks

Aspects of the fetish

The fetish often revolves around the feel and look of the nylon though can also relate to elements such as;

• padding thickness

• nylon shiny through wear

• orange lining (a well known element)

• dirty nylon (through normal wear or sexual use)

• ripping the nylon

Part of the muddy/dirty fetish can also include getting jackets dirty and then ripping them up.


The highest proportion of jacket fetishists is in the 30-40 age band which would coincide with the height of snorkel parka wearing at schools and the onset of puberty for this group. This period also coincides with an extended period of recession and very high unemployment particularly in Europe where the fetish is most common. This meant that items such as a new jacket for school moved down the general priority list and were not replaced as often as would otherwise be the case.

As a result most schoolboy parkas in that period tended to be more dilapidated through extended wear and parents could often not afford to replace them even when they split at the seams. It was quite common at the time to see parkas being worn with ripped body or elbow seams.

Dirty Nylon

File:IMG 5849.jpg

The dirty nylon aspect can take a number of forms. In the most common form the nylon is made dirty during sex when it gets covered in semen. This may be built up over a period with the owner cumming over their own jacket alone, or more occasionally it can be from group sex where several guys will cum over a jacket at the same time. Jacket fetishists will often wear cum stained jackets to 'advertise' their fetish.

Nylon which is dirty through natural wear is also a very popular form and is most commonly associated with dirt build up on the orange lining of a Snorkel Parka or MA-1 bomber jacket though can also be associated with jackets which are dirty on the outside. Fetishists with this interest generally consider jackets which are dirty through constant natural wear are more desirable than jackets which have been deliberately made dirty.

This particular aspect of the fetish may be related to its origins. Most jacket fetishists were at school in the 1970's and 80's when almost every school boy wore a Snorkel Parka. These school parkas were seldom if ever washed so often had very dirty linings and carried a strong scent of their owner. *[1] It is possibly related to the prevalence of these jackets around puberty which has particularly emphasised this aspect of the fetish. Many jacket fetishists who are into the dirty aspect borrowed other lads filthy snorkel parkas from the school cloakroom to wank into without the owners knowledge.

Ripping the jacket

File:Ripped jackets.jpg

A sizeable minority of jacket fetishists also enjoy damaging or ripping jackets for additional pleasure. The sound of ripping nylon appears to act as an additional stimulation during sex, however many also gain pleasure from simply looking at a damaged jacket.

Damaging the jackets can either be done as a solitary exercise, or with one or more partners. For shared rips some fetishists prefer to have the jacket ripped off them, some prefer to be doing the ripping. For shared rips a jacket is generally completely ripped to pieces in one or possibly two sessions where as for solo rips a jacket may be gradually degraded over many sessions. Fetishists generally refer to this slow process as "torturing" the jacket.

Some fetishists prefer ripping or torturing their own jackets, some prefer to inflict the damage on other peoples jackets. This particular aspect may again relate to the history of the fetish. Most current jacket fetishists would have worn their Snorkel Parka at school until it was completely worn out. Generally the seams began to split on old parkas and fetishists who are in to the rip aspect can often trace this interest back to their school days when they discovered extra pleasure from enlarging rips on their own parkas. It is not uncommon that they also gradually started or enlarged rips on numerous other parkas in the school cloakroom belonging to other lads. This damage was generally inflicted slowly over weeks or months so the owner believed it was from natural wear, however more occasionally bolder fetishists would simply steal jackets to rip or rip jackets to shreds in-situ in the cloakroom leaving them for the owner to find.

Niche interest

Whilst jacket fetishism does not have the widespread popularity of other fetishes like bondage, it is a popular niche fetish and has numerous successful websites and discussion/picture groups dedicated to it.

Examples of its popular niche status are:

• The major jacket fetish website linked below gets over 350,000 hits a month.

• Yahoo groups has 16 adult groups on the subject with two of the groups being in the top 2% (in membership numbers) of their 25,000 groups.

• Type jacket fetish into Google and you get over a million results.

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