Jack Douglass was born on June 30, 1988, as John Douglass. Douglass is a American internet personality on YouTube, well known for his parodies of infomercials.


Douglass has been dating Kristen Klessig, who is a video games design student, since January, 2011. They lived together for almost a year, before Kristen moved back to Maryland, and are currently in a long-distance relationship. Douglass went to American University[1] where he got a degree in film.


Douglass launched his main YouTube channel, Jacksfilms,[2] on June 26, 2006. His first ever video he uploaded was a commercial for the 'Handy Pen'. This video featured Douglass' family members. Since then, he has uploaded his most popular video,[3] "The WTF Blanket (Snuggie Parody)", on January 22, 2009.[4][5][1] As of May 30, 2012, the video has earned over 19.7 millon views. The Jacksfilms channel has earned over 97 million video views and over 330,000 subscribers.[6]

Jack Douglass has been particularly successful with his parodies, often about Apple products[7][8] and infomercials [9] and his "Your Grammar Sucks" series, which has been featured on Huffington Post[10] in which he makes fun of incorrect uses of grammar, spelling and punctuation in YouTube and Facebook comments.[11] The most popular episode, which includes cameos by Sean Klitzner and Toby Turner, has garnered over 1 million views. Douglass adresses his fans as "biches", a misspelling of "bitches", which first appeared in the first "Your Grammar Sucks". His best videos are either parodies, music videos, and sketches; bringing about a new series of videos, unfortunately abbreviated as 'PMS'.

Jackisanerd and SHUTUPDENNIS

Douglass also has two other channels, named "Jackisanerd" and "SHUTUPDENNIS". There is a fourth channel, catlvr6969, which was thought to belong to him as a result of being used in his videos, however this has not yet been confirmed. Douglass' secondary video blog channel, entitled "Jackisanerd", on April 20, 2011. As of May 30, 2012, the channel has earned over 2.2 million video views and over 41,000 subscribers.[12]


Upon arriving in Los Angeles from Maryland, Douglass was presented with the opportunity to meet with other YouTubers. At that time he often filmed videos for Olga Kay, another Los Angeles YouTuber. He has also collaborated with Shane Dawson[13], Toby Turner, Vincent Cyr, and many others. Douglass was also featured as a voice guest on Thomas Ridgewell's asdfmovie4 as a robber. Douglass, frequently collaborates wit Sean Klitzner and Toby Turner within the same video with several fans, and eventually the trio, to call themselves "The Sideburns Crew".


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External links

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  • [3] asdfmovie4, an extremely viral video which featured Douglass as a guest voice actor
  • [4], Douglass' first video featuring his current girlfriend, Kristen Klessig
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