Jack Attack is a demonic Jack-in-the-box that appears in the Demonic Toys line of horror films. He also makes a cameo appearance in Evil Bong, along with other Full Moon Features characters. He is voiced by legendary voice actor Frank Welker.


The look for Jack Attack has changed for each of his appearances in film and comic book.

In the film Demonic Toys, the jack-in-the-box base for Jack Attack is decorated with jesters. His head has the appearance of a disturbing clown. In later films, his body shows the violence done to him. His blown to pieces in earlier films, and the movie makers presented him later as stitched together. The stitching shows and gives him a more demonic look. The movie makers also add more sound effects in later movies, including a honking noise that goes his laugh.

In the movie Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, Jack has a less demonic look, with a red box covered with white polka-dots.

In the Demonic Toys comic series, the jack-in-the-box base is white with large letters on all sides, (A, B, C, D) and a clown face on the lid. He has arms in the comics.

Appearances in film

Jack Attack first appeared in the horror film Demonic Toys, which was made by Charles Band's Full Moon Entertainment as a rip-off of their very popular Puppet Master series. Even though Jack was hardly seen in the films; he quickly became the most popular toy in the franchise.

He is also referenced in the movie Blood Dolls, in which the character of Mr. Mascaro is a human version of him.

In the Demonic Toys films

Demonic Toys

Jack Attack first appears when he and the other toys attack Guy Hesse. Hesse, who is dying, sees a spot of light shining from the ceiling to the floor. He crawls over to the light and rests. But as he bleeds on the ground, the toys around him begin to come to life. He gets bitten in the neck by Jack Attack, has his fingers bitten off by Grizzly Teddy, and is shot in the chest by Mr. Static

Jack Attack appears next when the toys attack a security guard named Charneski. As Charneski returned from from calling the police, a toy called Grizzly Teddy hits him in the leg with a bat, causing him to trip, and lose his gun. The gun lands in the hands of Baby Oopsy Daisy, who shoots Charneski in the leg. Jack Attack wraps his tail around Charneski's neck to strangle him while Grizzly Teddy bites him and Baby Oopsy Daisy stabs him in the crotch with a knife. Two other people, Mark and Judith watch this, in horror.

Jack makes one more appearance in the film when he attacks Mark and Anne. Running, they reach a security office, only to find the entire place trashed. They are attacked by Mr. Static and Baby Oopsy Daisy, until Mark improvises, using a bug spray and lighter for a flame-thrower, and burns Baby Oopsy Daisy and Mr. Static. Jack Attack attacks and bites Anne in the neck, but Mark pulls him off and takes the biting. Mark finally gets Jack Attack off his neck, and shoots his head off with a shotgun that Charneski had in his locker.

Dollman vs. Demonic Toys

Jack Attack appears when a bum falls of a tricycle and kills himself. The bum's blood brings the toys back, including Jack.

Like the first movie, this movie takes place mainly in a warehouse. Police officer Judith Gray, who's now inside the building, sees the toys in full view, but is then arrested for breaking in. When the police leave, the toys force the new security guard Ray Vernon to help them with their needs. Meanwhile, Judith, who now knows about Nurse Ginger and Brick Bardo's history, bribes a news reporter to tell her where they are. The reporter tells her they are in Pahoota. Judith makes a deal with Bardo and Ginger to help her kill the toys, and they go back to the warehouse. Meanwhile, the toys kill a blond hooker and make her bleed on the place where the demon from the first movie was buried. As Judith and friends enter the building, a fight begins, ending with Judith shooting Ray in the head (killing him), Mr. Static shooting Judith in the chest (killing her), and Brick shooting Mr. Static (killing him). Brick, who has made a promise to Judith, tries to honor that promise, but loses his gun. The toys tie his hands and feet to two toy trucks and tie Ginger to a clock.

Baby Oopsy Daisy explains to Brick that the Demon's soul is going to go inside Baby Oopsie Daisy at midnight, so he can do the "nasty" with Nurse Ginger. The goal is to get her pregnant and eat the baby's soul, which will make the demon human. As Baby Oopsie Daisy is about to kill Brick, Ginger breaks free and cuts him loose, but is gets carried away by Zombietoid. Zombietoid continues to go after Brick. They fight, until Zombietoid's machete gets caught in an electric socket, killing him. After finding his gun, Brick continues on to kill Jack Attack. Brick arrives at the dollhouse before it's too late and kills the demon-possessed, Baby Oopsie Daisy. Brick calls the police and tells them that Officer Judith Grey died in the line of duty. He leaves with Nurse Ginger in a cab, back to Pahoota.

Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys

Jack Attack appears in Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys. In this film, his look is altered. This is do to the fact that neither Charles Band nor Full Moon had anything to do with the movie.

Personal Demons

Several years after the original movie, the pieces of destroyed toys remain in the warehouse. A pair of gloved hands picks up the pieces and stitches them back together. The only toys the perpetrator could fix correctly were Baby Oopsy Daisy and Jack Attack. The unidentified man then puts the toys in a crate, and receives a suitcase full of cash. The buyer leaves with the toys.

A toy, Divoletto, walks around the castle and finds Baby Oopsy Daisy and Jack Attack. As he touches them, his life-force brings the demonic toys back to life. Baby Oopsie Daisy welcomes Divoletto to the club and quickly the trio become friends. When Dr. Lorca leaves to go get Lauraline food, it's revealed that Lauraline and Eric are lovers who have brought a replica of Divoletto to the castle to steal the real one. They intend to run away together and make a fortune. Eric leaves to replace Divoletto and finds the real toy gone. He then sees Divoletto walking around, with himself locked in the dining room. As Eric tries to escape, Baby Oopsy Daisy stabs him in the foot with a kitchen knife and Jack Attack pops out of his box and slashes Eric's throat with his tail. Everyone in the castle hears Eric's screams, but David confirms to Caitlin and Mr. Butterfield that it's Eric having sex with Lauraline.

Later Jack Attack enters Mr Butterfield's room and forces him to jump out of bed which causes the swords on the wall to come down on him, slicing his head off.

A spirit, Fiora, possess Lilith and tells the remaining people to leave the castle in peace and take nothing to avoid consequences. Meanwhile, Lauraline sneaks off to find Eric. She goes into the dining room and finds the doll missing from its box, but also finds some jewels and diamonds in the side table drawers. She then cranks Jack Attack's box up, popping him out and he bites her neck. Meanwhile, the spirit of Fiora disappears and Lilith returns to normal, and tells them that the Divoletto doll they have right now is a replica. Baby Oopsy Daisy appears and stabs David in the arm. Dr. Lorca pulls out a small gun hidden in his coat and shoots at Baby Oopsy Daisy. Dr. Lorca threatens to kill Caitlin if Divoletto is really a replica. David then punches Dr. Lorca in the face and steals his gun. Lilith, David and Caitlin runoff to escape and they run into Lauraline, who survived her attack by Jack Attack. Lauraline grabs the gun from David and points it at Caitlin, since she's the one who brought them into the castle. David and Lauraline fight over the gun and Lauraline screams she's going to kill him the same way she killed David's father. The gun then goes off and hits Lauraline in the chest, killing her. Dr. Lorca runs in and scares them away; he mourns over Lauraline's body. The trio run into the physicians room and head down the staircase. Dr. Lorca grabs a hatchet lying in the hallway and runs into the room, when suddenly Baby Oopsie Daisy jumps on his back and stabs him in the skull, fulfilling Lilith's vision. Meanwhile, David, Lilith and Caitlin run to the Prodigium Abyssus, where Divoletto jumps on Lilith; however, the spirit of Fiora possesses Lilith again, and throws Divoletto off her.

David then smashes Divoletto's head with a shovel, and it's revealed that Divoletto was one of Fiora's personal demons. The demon then sucks Fiora's spirit out of Lilith and takes her back through a portal to Hell. The Demonic Toys then attack, and David decapitates them with the shovel, killing them.

In other films by Full Moon Features

Jack Attack appears in other movies made by Full Moon Features.

Evil Bong

Jack Attack makes a cameo in Evil Bong along with Ooga booga from Doll Graveyard, The Gingerdead Man from the film series of the same name, and Jack Deth from Trancers.

When Puppets and Dolls Attack!

When Puppets and Dolls Attack! is a collection of clips from all of Full Moon's movies about killer puppets, dolls, etc. The clips are from Puppet Master, Puppet Master II, Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge, Puppet Master 4, Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter, Curse of the Puppet Master, Retro Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, Blood Dolls, Totem, and RagDoll.

Blood Dolls

Although Jack Attack doesn't actually appear in the film, the character of Mr. Mascaro wears face paint that resembles Jack Attack's face.


In the Demonic Toys comic series, Jack Attack again helps his master, along with Baby Oopsy Daisy and Grizzly Teddy. Their master, the "Kid", uses them in a plot to be born using an unborn baby's soul. In this story line, Toyland's name has been changed to Arcadia Toy Company, run by Jack Norton and his assistant Mr. Horse. They tear the factory down and replace it with a super high-tech skyscraper; however, evil still exists below. One night Norton jogs through the park and is killed by Baby Oopsy Daisy. He is then possessed by the Kid. Norton, now the Kid, dictates a plan for the largest toy producing company in the world. But Officer Judith Grey's son Matthew, now 8 years old, feels that something is wrong with Norton. Daphne, an employee of Arcadia Toys runs into Norton and he sees that she is pregnant. He decides to keep her alive for her baby.


Jack Attack has different powers in each movie. In the first movie, Jack is just a killer Jack-in-the-box whose box is actually part of his body, and he can't leave it. He also has a Baby Rattle at the end of his tail. This is the only movie that Jack has his rattle. In Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, he has the ability to leave his box at will and slither around in a snake-like form. In Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, he can screech in a pitch high enough to pop people's eyes out. In Personal Demons, Jack Attack moves around by hopping. He also has a tail with a knife at the end of this movie. In the comic book series, Jack Attack has arms.


Jack Attack seems to be the most popular toy in the Demonic Toys franchise, however he is hardly seen in the movies. He is also the second most popular Full Moon character, the first being Blade.


Death Killer Movie
Tail ripped off by Mark, head shot off by Mark, and crushed to death by Mark Mark Wayne Demonic Toys
Head shot to pieces by Brick Bardo's proto blaster Brick Bardo Dollman vs. Demonic Toys
Punched at a wall by Jester Jester Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys
Head cut off with shovel by David David Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons


  • Jack Attack had his own trading card.
  • All of Jack Attack's deaths have something to do with his head.
  • He is one out of the only two toys to appear in all of the Demonic Toys films to date.
  • A real toy of Jack Attack was never made for sale.
  • Jack Attack is just a hand puppet.
  • Jack Attack is the most famous toy among fans.
  • According to Jack Attack's trading card; Jack hit kids when their guards where down.[1]


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