J-Zone is an Emcee and Producer from New York City. He is known for his quirky lyrics and trash talk style of rapping. During the late 90's when Hiphop was turning mainstream and becoming more relevent in American Pop Culture, J-Zone was hard at work on albums that most listeners of rap music would never hear. [1]You will not find a catchy hook on his songs as he did not believe in them.[2] He released his first album Music For Tu Madre in 1999. The album contained instrumentals produced by J-Zone using samples and abstract sound clips. The only two guest features on the album were Al-Shid and Huggy Bear, two unknown Emcees at the time.

For real, this guy needs to have a Wiki page and I need help creating it. I will be updating this with references as I find them. I own his albums and have had a knowledge of J-Zone for some time now and I believe I should share that with the world as the world should know about this man. I will be posting his discography later this week.


  1. J-Zone released 4 albums from 1999-2003
  2. Lyrics (record scratches) from "Zone For President"
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