Joseph Koffi (renamed as Justin-Trent Koffi), the infamous and most popular rapper known as J-Weezy The Martian (previously only known as J-Weezy), singer-songwriter, actor, planned on producer on Youtube mostly known as JoeySideFire, makes music hopes to act and become famous one day. J-Weezy The Martian is currently planning on writing a song for Bruno Mars called, "Toast To The Nation".

He plans to record JoeySideFire every Saturday and Friday when given a chance to. Normally as JoeySideFire, he makes music into success. J-Weezy The Martian is currently writing tracks for his, "Fast Kid Rapper", mixtape and will upload it for only audio version at his JoeySideFire page for YouTube.


  • Fast Kid Rapper (mixtape:2012 or 2013)
  • Superhero (album:2012 or 2013)
J-Weezy THE MARTIAN - Otis Freestyle (Trailer)00:31

J-Weezy THE MARTIAN - Otis Freestyle (Trailer)

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