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IzPack is an open source software installer generator that targets the Java platform.

It generates installers that fit in single JAR archives. As such, IzPack-generated installers are cross-platform: the same installer works on any operating system that has a working Java Runtime Environment. IzPack itself is a command-line utility, but a Java Swing based front end application, PackJacket, exists, which aims to create a simpler way to make IzPack-generated installers.

IzPack is released under the terms of the liberal Apache License version 2.0.


IzPack was started in 2001 by Julien Ponge. A community started to appear around the project, and the development began to be made using a CVS server hosted by Tuxfamily.

The project moved in January 2004 to BerliOS. It later opted for Subversion instead of CVS.

In February 2008, the project moved to Codehaus[1]


Although primarily meant to create cross-platform installers[2], IzPack allows for some operating system dependent customizations. For example, it is able to create shortcuts on Microsoft Windows systems and desktop / window managers.

IzPack installers can be greatly customized. Each step of an installation is materialized by a panel. A wide range of panels is available for packagers to use: it is possible to freely choose and order them. Should the choice be too limited, custom panels can be created by application developers.

The installer builder is available as a command-line tool. It can be invoked from Apache Ant automated build as well.

Finally, IzPack provides a set of utilities:

  • a native application launcher that can be used to first check for a Java Runtime Environment, then launch the installers
  • a tool that wraps installers inside self-extracting Windows executables (based on 7-Zip)
  • a tool that wraps installers inside Mac OS X application bundles.


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  2. IzPack: Cross-Platform Installer Not Just For Java, InfoQ article:

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