It Was Him or Us is a 1995 tv movie made for Lifetime Movie Network. It stars Richard Grieco, Ann Jillian, Monique Lanier, and Richard Masur.


One night in a small town (name unknown) Peggy Wilson and her daughter Carrie get up and leave Peggy's abusive husband and Carrie's father Buddy Wilson but as they try to leave Buddy comes to the pickup begging Peggy to forgive him and for Carrie to open the door to which Peggy points a gun at Buddy telling him to stay away from her and Carrie and leaves.

Eighteen years later Peggy, is now living in Salt Lake Utah with her new husband Walter Pomeroy with whom she has 2 sons Jesse and Stevie but her daughter Carrie, who is a single mother to a 5 year old little girl named Jenna is living with them and complains about not having a boyfriend or husband

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