Iss Jahan Mein Kis Jagaa Hai is an Indian soap opera that airs on Life OK. The show started on 16 November 2015, every Monday to Friday at 7:30PM.[1] It first starred Yuvika Chaudhary and Arjun Luthra who earlier replaced Rithvik Dhanjani. Later the show took a 15 years leap where it now stars Akshara Kumar and Abhishek Bajaj. The show was one of the best shows in India and was in the top 5. The show went off air on 10 June 2016.[2][3] Naagin was one of the highest rated shows on Indian television and won numerous awards.[4][5]

The second season which is titled Iss Jahan Mein Kis Jagaa Hai - Ab Neha Ki Zindagi started on the 8 August 2016 every weekdays at 9:30PM IST.[6][7][8] The second season stars Akshara Ranjan and Karan Kumar. The second season went off air on 7 January 2017.[9]

The show makers are bringging back the show as Season 3. The show will be revamped with new cast and characters.[10] The show will start on 17 July 2017.

Series overview

Season No. of episodes Originally broadcast (India)
Series premiere Series finale
1 146 16 November 2015 (2015-11-16) 11 June 2016 (2016-06-11)
2 00 8 August 2016 7 January 2017
3 00 17 July 2017 N/A


Season 1

The show revolves around the story of Simran (Yuvika Chaudhary) and Kunal (Rithvik Dhanjani).

Soon after, the show moves on with its 20 years leap, where Suman dies and concentrates on Kunal and Suman's daughter Nikita. Rajshri is worried about Kunal and decides to get him re-married to Simran's younger sister Shruti. Kunal's brother Varun enters to give trouble to both of the couple. Deepika (Kunal's ex) also enters but swears revenge on both of them. She gets married to Varun and both team up against Shruti and Kunal. Nikita and Manav get married but during the engagement Kunal had to go for an important meeting in London but it is revealed that he is kidnapped.

After many days, Shruti succeeds in saving Kunal from Deepika and Varun's plan and the show ends with both celebrating good times.

Season 2


Rithvik Dhanjani was finalized to play the main lead. He made his comeback to fiction with Iss Jahan Mein Kis Jagaa Hain. Film actress Yuvika Chaudhary who was seen in Bigg Boss 9) was roped to play the main lead opposite Rithvik. Film actor Ashmit Patel landed to play the main negative role in the show. The show had other young actors like Akash Ahuja, Randeep Rai, Mansi Sharma, Palavi Singh and RIshika Singh respectively to play supporting roles. It also had big names like Roopal Sharda, Manish Wadhwa and Moon Banejee. Garima Jain was finalized to play the sister of Yuvika. Later she got replaced by Shraddha Arya post the leap becoming the main lead. Arjun Luthra replaced Rithvik in January. Gautam Singh entered the show as the main male antagonist as Kunal's brother. The show took a 4 years leap showing the death of Simran which remarked Yuvika's exit in February 2016. Madhura Naik entered the show in April as the main female antagonist opposite Gautam. In April 2016, Arjun decided to quit his show for films and this did not go well with the director but later he got replaced by Viraf Patel. For season 2, the show took a major revamp. Shraddha Arya and Viraf Patel said that they will not be a part of the second season. Akshara Ranjan stayed back and is playing the lead. Karan Kumar was roped in to play the male lead opposite Akshara. Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Kishwar Merchant was roped in to play the main antagonist.


Season 1

Season 2

Main Leads
  • Akshara Kumar as Neha Arjun Raheja (Main Female Lead) (2016)
  • Karan Kumar as Arjun Rajendra Raheja (2016)
  • Akshara Ranjan as Naina Manav Singh (2016)
  • Raj Khanna as Arjit Anand Raheja (2016)
  • Kishwar Merchant as Mohini Rajendra Raheja (2016)[26]
  • Vipul Gupta as Rajendra Raheja (2016)
  • Gautam Rode as Manav Singh (2016)
  • Neena Kulkarni as Rajshri Sareen (2016)
  • Akash Singh as Aditya Manav Singh (2016)
  • Arjun Raheja as Varun Rajendra Raheja (2016)
  • Priya Shinde as Rani Varun Raheja (2016)

Season 3

Special Appearances
Season 1


The show was produced by Karan Chagar along with Tony and Deeya Singh of DJ Creative Unit (they have worked together for Lakshmi).


Due to the comeback of Rithvik Dhanjani, the show made a grand entry into Indian television. The Times of India wrote - Rithvik is one of the most hottest popular actors and is making his comeback to television almost two years post Pavitra Rishta. At the beginning of December 2015, Kavita Avashthi interviewed Yuvika and intorduced her stating that "I had seen Yuvika when she appeared on Om Shanti Om and yet again in Bigg Boss and she made a mark with her effervescent character of Simran Sharda. The story of the show may be interesting, but a large part of its success is because of her chemistry with co-star Rithivik Dhanjani. The chemistry between the two pulled the TRP's up. In January 2016, the show went up to be one of the most successful popular shows and took the position at 4th place. In mid of January 2016 when Rithvik Dhanjani left the show, Shraddha Sharma stated Iss Jahan Kis Jagaa Hain was typical of "All serials start off brilliantly with immense promise and somewhere in the middle they get lost in the maze of TRPs, cheap publicity and making what sells."Bhandari had appreciated that when the series had started." After Rithvik was replaced by Arjun Luthra, the show fans was first upset but then appreciated and accepted him as Kunal. Shraddha Singh said - Arjun is one of the newest hottest hunks and popular actors on TV as he was praised for his work in Zee TV's Pyaar Nibhana Yeh Rishta and is an excellent replacement for Rithvik. In February 2016, when Yuvika also left the show, fans were willing on getting her back as Simran's daughter but Yuvika had refused to play a Daughter as well due to illness. Post the leap, the show's TRP's increased and in March beginning the show had loved the chemistry between Arjun and Shraddha. In April 2016, the show was in the news as yet again Arjun decided to leave the show as his new film shooting is clashing between with the show and got replaced by Viraf Patel. Bollywood life had said - The character Kunal Sareen and the show is just the same to what happened to Barun Sobti who played Arnav in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. The show is now going off air due to the exit of Arjun which was decided by the makers even though the show is very popular.


The makers are planning to do a squeal to the series as it is very popular due to its actors Arjun and Shraddha. It has been confirmed that the main leads Shraddha & Viraf are not a part of the show along with others except for Akshara who will play Nikita's daughter. It has started its shooting and will go on air in August.


Year Award Category Nominee Result
2015 BIG Entertainment Awards Most Entertaining Television Actor - Female Yuvika Chaudhary Nominated
Most Entertaining Television Actor - Male Rithvik Dhanjani
Sahib Chaggar Awards New Fresh Face (female) Yuvika ChaudharyWon
New Fresh Face (male) Rithvik Dhanjani
Digital Sadasya Yuvika Chaudhary
Best Beta Rithvik Dhanjani
Actress in lead role Yuvika ChaudharyNominated
Actor in lead role Arjun Luthra
Actor in negative role Aarti Singh
Stylish Sadasya (male) Sahil Salathia
Digital Sadasya Arjun Luthra
Best Bahu Yuvika Chaudhary
Best Bhabhi Yuvika Chaudhary
Best Jodi Rithvik Dhanjani/Yuvika Chaudhary
2016 Life OK Parivaar Awards Favourite Naya Sasasya - male Arjun Luthra Won
Favourite Jodi Arjun Luthra/Shraddha Arya
Favourite Patni Shraddha Arya
Favourite Saas Roopal Sharda
Favourite Dushman Madhura Naik
Favourite Naya Sasasya - female Shraddha Arya Nominated
Favourite Mazedar Sadasya Palavi Singh
Favourite Beti Shraddha Arya
Favourite Beta Arjun Luthra
Favourite Pati Arjun Luthra
Favourite Sasur Manish Khanna
Favourite Bahu Shraddha Arya & Palavi Singh
Sahib Chaggar Awards Best Bhai Viraf Patel Won
Best Maa Roopal Sharda
Best Actress in Lead Role Shraddha Arya Nominated
Best Actor in Lead Role Viraf Patel
Best Khalnayak Gautam Singh, Madhura Naik
Best Bahu Shraddha Arya
Best Saas Roopal Sharda
Favourite Naya Sadasya - Female Akshara Kumar
Favourite Naya Sadasya - Male Karan Kumar
Favourite Khalnayak Kishwar Merchant Won
Favourite Beti Akshara Kumar


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