Isaac O'Riordan is a unique young British fashion designer. He was born in 1998 in Brighton (United Kingdom). Isaac O'Riordan was brought up in a loving family. Isaac was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and dyslexia at age 8 He sometimes had trouble fitting in with others but when he found fashion it really Made him standout for the right reasons. His inspiration to start designing was international American pop star and Controversial fashionista Lady Gaga And British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. He started Designing at the young age of 12 In 2010. Isaac Had his first fashion show at the age of 13 in 2011 The money from the tickets of the show went to BBC children in need appeal 2011 They raised £342.45 He designed and Made 20 Beautiful outfits for his First Show.

After his 2011 show He took just one month off For Christmas and then he started designing for his Next show in 2012. This talented young man Started to design another 20 or more outfits for his next big show in 2012. Before he Know it his 2012 show had come Upon him. This year it was bigger and better he had a beautiful set, more Models a Hair and make up team, Sound and lighting designers and A flock of photographers and press Wanting to see what his second collection and What it Was all about. All the money he raised from The ticket sale At his 2012 fashion show went to Woodland Meads special school In Burgess Hill and BBC children in need appeal 2012 Dozens and dozens of people flockt to his 2012 catwalk to see all 21 of the beautiful outfits He had designed.

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