iraj rahmanpour(Persian: ایرج رحمانپور) is an Iranian singer,songwriter, and writer.

He is an Iranian poet, singer-songwriter.he is A distinguished singer. he developed in the field of music and played a pivotal role among neo-folkloric artists , movement which led to a revolution in the popular,folkloric music of his local culture(LORESTAN and BAKHTIARY).

Musical career

His activities began from 1977. numerous concerts ever held in Iran and several countries :Sweden,Norway,UAE,Portugal,Iraq,…. people in the region Bakhtiari , Lorestan, Ilam and Kurdistan interested in his music. His goal of these activities is the development of native culture. His style in singing is unique. He researches about the lost and obsolete songs and forgotten ancient languages of Iran and runs them revived with his songs. His Style called “Hur” and “Moaning” in native language.which are the tradition costumes of ancient centuries in Iran.his songs is in different Iranian languages like: "LAKI" "LORI" "KORDISH" "PERSIAN" .


His poems in some languages(persian , Laki ,Lorry) ,describe: • Nature of the Zagros Mountains • Myths and legends and beliefs of nomadic tribes of the area. • Social problems like addiction, poverty and human disasters (Earthquakes, Chemical bombardment of Halabja and ...). His singing style is very unique and uses a style called “Hur” and “Moaning” . His efforts in the development of popular culture of People from the Zagros mountain has named himself as “Injured scream Zagros”.

  • I write YOU
  • RARA
  • Your Secret
  • Moaning
  • Broken Column
  • Mirror of Tears
  • Spring Breeze


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