Some of the Politics of the United States are related to the United States international politics.

International agreements that the United States has not ratified or has withdrawn from

The United States is often criticized by nationals of participant countries for not taking part in the following agreements:

  • The Convention on the Elimination of All Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) (which was adopted in 1979 and came into force in 1981) is often described as an international bill of rights for women. It defines what constitutes discrimination against women and sets up an agenda for national action to end such discrimination. The United States is the only developed nation that has not ratified it.
  • The International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (adopted in 1966; came into effect in 1976) is a multilateral treaty which commits its signatories to enact, expand, and respect protections for labor rights, the right to healthcare, the right to education, and the right to an adequate standard of living. The United States signed the Covenant in 1979, but has not ratified it, and is therefore not bound by its conditions.
  • The Kyoto Protocol (entered into force in 2005) is an international treaty on climate change. Countries which ratify this protocol commit to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases, or engage in emissions trading if they maintain or increase emissions of these gases. The U.S. signed the treaty but has not ratified it; Australia signed it in 2007. The U.S and Kazakhstan are the only two developed countries in the world to have not signed it.; India and many other less industrialized nations have ratified the treaty but are exempt from it.
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