International Institute of Coaching (IIC) is an accreditation body for coaches and coach training providers. IIC aims to protect coaching standards, educate individuals and represent coaching statutory bodies. [1] IIC also holds conferences, events and teleclasses for members. [2]


To be part of the organization, you have different levels of membership to choose from: Associate Membership for individuals Accreditation Coach Membership for coaches who wants to be recognized Corporate Membership for organizations who wants to accredit their employees Training Organizations Affiliate Organizations for national organizations IIC Subscriber for those who want to receive newsletters


IIC was formed in 1999 as a coaching provider intended to focus on international trainings. [3] It was formed by a group of coaches led by Ben Botes as founder and CEO. [4]


Coaching is a more formal relationship between a mentor and a trainee where performance goals are established, actions are undertaken to achieve them, and feedback is gathered for further improvement on results. [5]

Types of Coaching

Personal Coaching – for those people who want to improve their personal lives including family and spirituality. Career Coaching – for people who want development in their careers. Business Coaching – for executives and team leaders who deals with workplace subordinates.

Levels of coach accreditation

Accreditation is one way to be considered as a trainer for a specific organization and each level has different experiences, background, styles and hours of training ranging from 100 hours to 600 hours.

Accredited Fellow Coach (AFC) Accredited Master Coach (AMC) Accredited Senior Coach (ASC) Accredited Senior Coach (ASC) Accredited Practitioner Coach (APC) Accredited at Work Coach (AWC)

IIC also accredits courses and workshops that meet all their standards depending on how many hours or days training and what type of material is being delivered. [6]

Coaching Achievement Award

The Coaching Achievement Award is given by IIC for coaches who have worked with their clients to achieve lasting success. [7]


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