Innocence of Muslims is a 2012 religious and political film that allegedly triggered the September 11, 2012 storming of the United States Embassy in Cairo, Egypt, and a rocket attack on an embassy personnel car of the United States Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, resulting in at least four deaths of U.S. diplomatic personnel, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.[2]


The independent film was allegedly produced and directed by "Sam Bacile", described as a 56 year-old real estate developer and "Israeli Jew",[2][3] However, Israeli authorities found no evidence that he is a citizen,[4] and there is no evidence of a Sam Bacile around 50 years old living in California or having a real estate license [5] or participating in Hollywood filmmaking. Though "Bacile" claimed the film had been made for $5 million from 100 Israeli donors,[6] Hollywood Reporter described the appearance as unprofessional, calling this claim into doubt.[7] The film's consultant, Steve Klein, told journalist Jeffrey Goldberg that Bacile is not a real person and is not Israeli or Jewish, as has been reported, and that the name is, in fact, a pseudonym for about fifteen Copts and Evangelical Christians from Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, and Egypt. Goldberg questions the reliability of Klein.[8]

According to Bacile, he produced the film to call attention to what he called the "hypocrisies" of Islam,[9] and Bacile claims it was screened in full just once, to a mostly empty movie theater in Hollywood.[10] Klein reportedly told Bacile: "You're going to be the next Theo van Gogh."[10]


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The film has been promoted by Terry Jones. Media reporting of Jones' burning of Qurans previously led to deadly riots around the world. Jones said on 11 September 2012 that he planned to show a 13-minute trailer that night at his church the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida. "It is an American production, not designed to attack Muslims but to show the destructive ideology of Islam," he said in a statement. "The movie further reveals in a satirical fashion the life of Muhammad."[2]

In July 2012, a 14-minute excerpt from the English-language film was posted on YouTube. By September the movie had been dubbed into Arabic and was brought to the attention of the Arabic-speaking world by a Coptic blogger whose Egyptian citizenship had been revoked for promoting calls for an attack on Egypt.[11][12] Muslim leaders criticized the film's depiction of Muhammad.[13] The Daily Telegraph reported that it portrayed Muhammad as an advocate of pedophilia and a homosexual, showing him having sex.[14]

According to a Cairo newspaper, the film was denounced by the leader of an Egyptian political party,[15] and the same day a two-minute excerpt dubbed in Arabic was broadcast on Al-Nas, an Egyptian television station.[16] In the excerpt, the actor playing Muhammad called a donkey "the first Muslim animal".[17] This has been attributed[18] as a reference to critics of Islam to a conversation with a taqiyya-practicing donkey described by Father Zakaria Botros to have occurred in Ibn Kathir’s al-Bidaya we al-Nihaya.[19]

U.S. Libyan diplomatic mission attacks

The Arabic version of the film was cited as the reason for a several September 11 attacks on US embassies in the Arab world. The embassies in Cairo and Benghazi were both attacked, with the Benghazi attack reported to have resulted in the death of ambassador Christopher Stevens.[20] There is presently some confusion whether Stevens was killed in the Tuesday attack or in a separate rocket attack on his motorcade as it fled the city early Wednesday morning.[21]

Afghanistan decided to censor YouTube; president Hamid Karzai said the makers of the film committed a "devilish act".[22] Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi urged the United States government on Tuesday to prosecute the 'madmen' behind the video."[23]

Bacile has gone into hiding fearing that current actions could be used as an excuse to harm him.[2] He continues to defend the film.[10] Saying he was sorry for the death of Stevens, Bacile blamed the embassy's security system.[4]

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