INCH and the ECHOES was formed in the late 1950's while Tom "Inch" Lombardi, Earl "Shorty" Fauerbach and John Bronico were attending Phillipsburg (NJ) High School. Their plan was to form a rock n' roll band to perform at local teen dances, fraternity parties and bar rooms, (that would allow underage musicians). Glen "Pete" Fishbough joined the band in 1962 and performed until they disbanded in 1963.

Over the next five years, they all continued to perform with various groups in the area. Then, in 1968, Inch, Shorty and Pete reunited as part of the Fantastic Dudes, an 11 piece Soul/R&B horn group. John continued his vocal career with another local group, the Crystals.

After the Dudes, Shorty and Pete took time out from music while Inch joined Jay & the Techniques, who had several hit recordings, including: "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie" and "Keep the Ball Rollin". It wasn't long before Inch talked Pete out of retirement to join the group. They toured throughout the country until the mid 1970's.

As John was phasing out of the Crystals and Pete was back into retirement, Inch and Shorty reunited in the late 1980's to perform with local group, Lucky 7, another Soul/R&B horn group. The creator and lead singer of the group, George "Lucky" Lloyd, was also the co-founder of Jay & the Techniques. The group performed as the opening act for numerous recording stars, including The Duprees, The Coasters, The Platters and Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons. Inch and Shorty left the group in the late 1990's. All stayed semi-retired until Inch picked up a gig with local group, On Fire, until late 2004.

With their 45th high school class reunion approaching in 2006, Inch, Shorty and John got together with the idea to do some of the old songs at the reunion. The event was a total blast and everyone there suggested they go public with the new sound. So, with Inch's computer wizardry, he formulated the rythmn of the bass and drum effects plus, his own guitar, Shorty's tenor & bari sax, John's lead vocals, (Inch and Shorty also do some lead vocals and harmonies) and Pete's keyboard, the recreation was complete.

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