Like their name suggests, IM5 is an exciting new musical act comprised of five very different boys sharing a love of entertaining. Brought together by showbiz vets Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton, IM5 has been a band for over a year now, undergoing intensive vocal and dance training. They are currently working on their debut album. (i know all 5ers are EXCITED!!! )

Tyler James Williams feat IM5 - "Don't Run Away"02:57

Tyler James Williams feat IM5 - "Don't Run Away"


Cole Pendery

  • born: Midlothian, Texas(that is just south of Dallas.)
  • joined school choir in 6th grade(haha i did too)
  • likes to be in the spotlight and make people laugh.


  • born: Memphis, TN
  • first guitar lesson when he was 11
  • Is in a band with several friends, called Fly Away Hero
  • has a boxer named Max
  • likes to hang out and play video games or just sit and listen to music.
  • favorite food is from Chipotle
  • favorite color:clear (he guesses)
  • short-term goal is for IM5 to be on every girl’s pillowcase.
  • long-term goal is world domination. ; )


  • (kind of already done boy)
  • fave color is yellow.
  • has no middle name!
  • fave restaurant is Umami Burger. (only on west coast, yea us east coast people don't know what that is)
  • fave artist: Chris Brown.
  • I don’t like scary movies
  • fave video game is anything batman or COD.
  • fave superhero:Batman!
  • fave TV show is How I Met Your Mother.


  • name:William Jay Behlendorf(Goes by Will Jay)
  • born in Los Angeles, California on June 18, 1996.
  • started playing the piano at 4;is a piano prodigy
  • won singing competitions and piano scholarships
  • More recently-started playing the guitar and writing and producing my own songs.
  • love's video games
  • is 17years old


  • name:Dana Vaughns
  • 14 years old
  • from a small town near Pittsburgh, PA (sorry but north Carolina tarhills all the way)
  • likes having fun!(who don't lol)an enjoys singing, dancing, and acting
  • started entertaining when he was 10 years old

well that's about it you guys!!! but i think everyone should thank im5's family's for letting them do this,then Simon Fuller, Jamie King and Perez Hilton for holding auditions, of course the guys for singing, dancing, and all out being amazing...and last but not least to all the 5ers for your support to the band and thanks to @KaylaLovesIM5 (follow on twitter) for suggesting someone make this and last but not least to the im5 band mom who supported me @KivaRapattoni(you better follow her to... well go do it now what are you waiting on) ang go follow the boys @daltonim5 @gabeim5 @coleim5 @willjayim5 @danaim5

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