Igor Janev was born 29. September, 1964, Belgrade, Serbia. He holds Ph.D at the Faculty of Law, Skopje University (Doctoral studies: University of Skopje, Macedonia 1991-1994 Faculty of Law). He finished Postdoctoral studies at: 1)University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA Department of Government and Foreign Affairs (Sept. 1994 – June 1995),2)Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA, School of Foreign Service (June 1995 – Sept. 1995),3)Taft University, Medford/Harvard, Mass., USA, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Oct. 1995 – June 1996). Dr. Igor Janev Research Positions includes: 1. Scientific Collaborator, Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade (2000 - 2004),2. Senior Scientific Researcher, Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade (2005 -2009), 3. Scientific Advisor-Full Professor, Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade (2009 -present). Igor Janev was a Special advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia 2002. Prof. Igor Janev became famos for his Article:“Legal Aspects of Provisional Name for Macedonia in the UN”, American Journal of International Law, Vol. 93, No. 1, pp.155-160 (1999). He proposed solution for the Name issue in Macedonian - Greek despute over the naming of Macedonia in the United Nations.(see His arguments were used by the Macedonian President at the 67. General Assembly of the UN 2012 (see prof. Igor Janev is an author of more than 150 scientific articles and 17 books in fields of International relations, International Law, and International security. Furtemore, he developed special Relationistic theory in the field of Onthology (Philosophy), were he explained origin of Somethingness (“Everything that is“ (Sein)) by linking this pole to Nothingness. The logical formulation of the most fundamental question has to be in an operational form that includes the negation of “Everything that is“, namely: how come that Everything that is exists besides the (expected) Nothingness? Nothingness is defined here as all what is left when we put aside the Everything. Janev finlay resolved dillema by developing logic that states: fundamental relations (“Everything that is“ to Nothingness) is more fundamenal than its poles (or elements: Everything,Nothingness). For this reason, most fundamental question of “Everything that is“ is illogical, since Nothingness is impossible (or something allways must exist).

More famos books by Igor Janev

  • Co-operation of Yugoslavia with UNESCO, publ. Faculty of political science, Belgrade,1991
  • Economic Organizations of the United Nations, (1994) publ. Faculty of Law, Skopje,1994 (in Macedonian)
  • Law and politics of specialized organizations of the United Nations.Publ.: “Alexandria”, Skopje, 1996. (in Macedonian)
  • Theory of international relations and foreign politics. publ.: “Plato”, Belgrade, 1998.
  • International relations and foreign politics (with the example of Yugoslav relations with the United Nations), Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade, 2002. (in Serbian)
  • UN and the international financial and economic organizations, publ. Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade, 2004.
  • Cultural diplomacy, publ. Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade, 2004. (in Serbian)
  • Theory of International politics and Diplomacy and New definition of politics, publ. Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade, 2006, ISBN 86-7419-102-9
  • Constitutional law and political system of the European Union. publ. IPS, Belgrade, 2007. ISBN 978-86-7419-144-6
  • International organizations and Integrations, publ.: Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade, 2008, ISBN 978-86-7419-151-4
  • Word Intelectual Property Oreganization, publ. Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade, 2009, ISBN 978-86-7419-188-0
  • Statutary order of International Organization, publ. Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade, 2009, ISBN 978-86-7419-191-0
  • International Financial Organizations, publ. Aleksandria (Alexandria) 2008, ISBN 978-9989-705-03-8, str. 1-184 (in Macedonian)
  • Co-autor in the Book: Elements of Strategy of the foreign policie of Serbia, article, Kosovo after the Declaration of Independence, publ. IMPP, 2008, ISBN 978-86-7067-110-2
  • Relations of Yougoslavia with UNESCO, publ. Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade, 2010, ISBN 978-86-7419-209-2


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