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Ignazia Bartholini
Born (1965-08-06)August 6, 1965
Erice, Italy
Nationality Italy
Fields Sociology
Institutions University of Palermo

Immanuel Kant
J. Habermas
Martha Nussbaum

Ignazia Bartholini (6 August 1965) is an Italian Sociologist and Academic, and a Professor of Sociology at University of Palermo.


Ignazia Bartholini studied at various universities, obtaining a B.A. in Philosophy at University of Palermo, B.A. in Sociology at University of Urbino and a Postgraduate Academic Degree Ph.D. in Social Politics at University of Bologna. After that she specialized at the University of Frankfurt, coordinated by Karl-Otto Apel and J. Habermas. Engaged for years in the analysis of social relations of deviant phanomena as the suicide, femicide and bullying, she has formulated an interpretative paradigm of violence as an effect of the absence of conflict in the close relationships.


  • 1996: Le regole del caso - Modelli di razionalità, L'Harmattan, Parigi-Torino
  • 2003: Uno e nessuno - L'identità negata nella società globale, FrancoAngeli, Milano
  • 2007: Percorsi della devianza e della diversità - Dall'uomo atavico al senza permesso di soggiorno, FrancoAngeli, Milano.
  • 2008: Capitale sociale, reti comunicative e culture di partecipazione (a cura di), FrancoAngeli, Milano.
  • 2008: Trapani, l'ultima provincia? - Disagio sociale, devianze e welfare locale (a cura di), FrancoAngeli, Milano.
  • 2012: La violenza orrorista del suicidio - Tre storie spezzate, Di Girolamo, Trapani.

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